21 April 2024

Bling for Spring! Beyond ribbons and bows…

Keep your scrunchie on hand for removing makeup and facials. But this season feel free to indulge in stylish hair accessories that range from whimsical to luxurious and beyond. Indeed, beyond the bear claw, Instagram, Pinterest and leading fashion mags are brimming with options.

LELET NY @leletny

Angela Cattaneo has over 8 years experience in featuring artists from around the world and following the latest styling trends in our industry. Estetica spoke with her, the founder of Beyond the Ponytail (beyondtheponytail.com) @beyondtheponytail and asked her about some of the hair accessory trends for this year. “We always love a great ponytail or messy bun. But making it your own and elevating the look with multiple styles of barrettes and clips is when we take hair fashion and start to have fun with it,” observes Angela. “Fashion should be fun and translating that into any everyday hairstyle is what hair trends are all about!” Draw some inspiration from the great ideas here for eyecatching hair bling.


First of all, barrettes are not just for little girls anymore. Blinged-up barrettes are back big this season. As a decorative solution just to hold pulled back hair or updos in place, barrettes are perfect. They are very versatile as they can be used on bangs, bobs, and chignons. Moreover, this season’s barrettes are not only functional, but purely over the top. This means mixing and matching three or four different colors or materials together. Gold, silver, pearls, crystals, colors… all together.


Bling for spring to the umpteenth! So, check out LELET NY designs! It’s always a good decision. These options below are just a few of the possibilities. Like barrettes, headbands can also be “layered” or or mixed with elastic or clips for contrast. There is a wide choice of crystals, beads, or even textile textures for cooler days.

Chignon choices

Bling for spring also focuses on the classic chignon. Why not add a twist with original and innovative accessories. The softness of a blond messy chignon contrasts perfectly with some oversized hairpins. Notice how everything is tone-on-tone but the abundance of metal makes for an eyecatching composition.

Try an oriental vibe with simple black chopsticks and some colorful woven textiles and a tassel. For a more classic look, Cindy Duplantis, Sam Villa Ambassador, Redken Artist and Celebrity Stylist for Chatters Salon @cindyduplantis, added some rose gold pearls to add a touch of light.

Flowers… always a sign of spring!

Always a favorite with brides and special occasions, flowers are especially in vogue for spring and summer. A full crown or to offset a beautiful braid – nothing could be more exquisitely feminine.

As an alternative, Vanessa Whitmarsh’s “Fierce Blossoms” collection features smaller embroidered flowers to punctuate a precision bob. This simple avant-garde look definitely shines some light amidst the darkness.

Bling for spring… Scarves!

Yet another classic! Silk scarves are perfect for a splash of color to complement your wardrobe. Use it as a headband to offset tendrils or to tie back a ponytail. Anything goes!

Tying it up!

Lastly, new bling for spring also includes a more woven approach, using leather, chains and metals. Yarns and fibers can add accent colors to dreads, braids, and more ethnic looks.

Firstly , if you prefer a more minimalist look for your ponytail, but leather in a contrasting color can lend a simple yet elegant effect. Start and end with a relatively simple wrap for example. Another option is hitch knots around a strand that intertwine with extra-long pony take evoke another trend… the bubble braid!

Finally, for the look on the right… dont try this at home! Precision braids and accessories make for a stunningly intricate design for the sleekest ponytail ever!


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