5 March 2024

When to cut your hair…

When to cut your hair? Are there rules for the perfect cut? Let’s see if they exist, distinguishing between urban legends and reality.

When we ask “When is it best to cut your hair?”, we get plenty of answers. Some say, “Follow the phases of the moon.” Is it true that cutting your hair more often will directly result in thicker hair? We can immediately say that the answer to the latter question is “No”. Even if cutting your hair every 2/3 months will make it look healthier and stronger.

When to cut your hair? Reality vs. legend

Is there really a rule for getting the perfect cut? Is there a precise period to be observed or does it depend on the type of hair? Or is there no rule at all? There is only one answer to these questions according to science. Hair generally grows about one centimeter per month, in some cases a bit more. Trimming hair definitely helps keep split ends at bay, but will certainly not speed up growth.

When to cut your hair? The phases of the moon

Another urban legend? According to scientists, it would seem so. But astrological observations of some “behaviors” might lead to the conclusion that there are days more (or less) propitious for better growth, as well as the best time for coloring. We are always dealing with popular beliefs. But if you like the idea of following the astronomical rules of the firmament, here is a 2022 lunar calendar.

When to cut your hair? The certainties

A new cut definitely contributes to the idea of having stronger and healthier hair. But most experts talk about an “ideal” time that coincides roughly with the seasons, so every 3-4 months, with the exception of thinner hair, which should be cut every two months. It is important to follow an order of this type above all to avoid split ends, which increase – and this is a certainty – with the passing of time.

When is it best to cut your hair? Short and long cuts

Short cuts are definitely the ones that need more touch-ups by our trustworthy hairdresser. Very short bobs, buzzcuts and pixies especially tend to lose their characteristic form after about a month and a half. Long hair is instead quite another matter. It requires less maintenance beyond the standard quarterly trimming of split ends. This helps avoid too much weight and helps control volume.

Rules for healthier hair

If there are scientific standards about how frequently to cut your hair, there are also rules to follow to keep our hair healthy. One is a healthy diet. Then avoid frequent coloring and limit the use of irons and blow-dryers. Use the right products for shampooing that, we also recommend, should be limited to twice a week.


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