27 March 2023

Emmanuel Esteban for Diva Pro Styling

The new ambassador of the Diva Pro Styling brand, Emmanuel Esteban, has put his name to several new creations to accompany the launch of the new Gold Dust range of tools.

Emmanuel Esteban
Emmanuel Esteban, International Brand Ambassador for Diva Pro Styling

One of the looks created in the collection for the launch of Diva Pro Styling Gold Dust is on the cover of the Spring ’22 issue of Estetica France. We took the opportunity to go behind the scenes and talk to Emmanuel about himself and his creative work, as well as his association with Diva Pro Styling.

Can you describe your background to us? I am French, although I left France for the UK many years ago and I am currently based in London. I had the chance to work and train with renowned stylists. This greatly helped me in developing my hairdressing skills throughout my career. Hairdressing is a industry in which you are free to express your creativity; I particularly like Avant-Garde. Over the years, I have won several national as well as international trophies in the Avant-Garde hairdressing category. I started working as a freelancer to find my way and develop my creativity; now I spend my time working on various projects including photoshoots, salon work and backstage at fashion weeks. Nowadays, I am very proud to represent the Diva Pro Styling brand as an International Ambassador.

Diva Pro Styling

Emmanuel Esteban, what is your actual role at Diva Pro Styling ? I am an International Brand Ambassador and as such I contribute to the creation of hair collections. I also do hair backstage at fashion shows and I take part in various events to showcase the quality of their products. For 2022, I will be performing several technical demos and seminars at trade shows around the world with Diva Pro Styling. I am looking forward to these events. I am also involved in product development. The brand is open-minded, always ready to hear new ideas in order to develop the best professional tools possible.

Emmanuel Esteban

Precious Metals Gold Dust

What is your source of inspiration when creating these amazing looks? I was first inspired by the name of the range, “Precious Metals Gold Dust”. For this collection, I started from simple techniques while amplifying certain aspects in order to enhance this idea of eccentricity. I also looked for new ways to use the tools to create an Avant-Garde collection. I like to push my boundaries and I love incorporating extensions and wigs into my work to develop my creativity.

Can you describe your different techniques to us? I wanted to integrate different materials into the hair to create smooth, curly, wavy or stretched shapes. I worked the same way on gold string, hair extensions and other coloured materials to bring a dramatic and beautiful effect to these looks. To emphasise the Gold Dust theme, I enriched each look with elements such as gold leaf, foil and metallic twine.

The versatility of the products really helped me think outside the box. I was able to use them on my Avant-Garde collection, but also on commercial and editorial looks that we did. You can create an infinite number of shapes. The Multi Waver and the Curler allow you to create spectacular waves.

And what about for the incredible look you created for the cover of Estetica France?  For this particular look, I only used the new tools from Diva’s Gold Dust collection. I created 3 horizontal sections of hair. Then Imade a cornrow braid, going from side to side. I sewed each golden thread into the sections of hair to start forming large curls. Once everything was sewn, I used the Gold Dust Touch straightener to smooth out each curl to make the hair firmer.

Emmanuel Esteban

For the Diva ad campaign look, I texturised the hair using different tools from the new line. On still damp hair, I used a number of flat clips to hold the look in place the way I wanted. With the Atmos hair dryer, I dried gently with the diffuser. I used the Multi Wand to enhance the shape of this anti-gravity textured look.

When I was happy with the shape I achieved, I covered the hair in gold leaf, securing it with Diva’s smaller Atom Dryer. Still using the diffuser. Before the shoot, I applied “floating” hair extensions which were cured before attaching them to the existing hair with glue to hold them in place. For this look, I wanted to give the impression that the hair was floating!

Which three words would you choose to describe this collection? ? GOLD / EXPERIMENTAL / LINEAR

Diva Pro Styling

Emmanuel Esteban – Lead Hairdresser 
Edoardo Colasanti – Assistant Hairdresser
Izabella Szelagowska – Make-up Artist
Ellie Lazarczyk & Marcin Kulak – Stylists
William Henry Scott – Photographer 
Riccardo Garofalo – Videographer 


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