3 February 2023

Sassoon Scholarship Winner Visits Academy

The current Sassoon Scholarship Winner, Kim Nicole Jones, has spent another fascinating day on her Sassoon Academy course.

Kim Nicole Jones was the Sassoon Scholarship Winner – run in association with Sassoon Academy and the Fellowship for British Hairdressing and sponsored by Denman – for 2020, but only managed to take her prize this year due to Covid restrictions.

Sassoon Scholarship Winner

“I had four courses to choose and decided to choose courses that were all very different to each other, to learn how to be more detailed in all aspects of my work and incorporate the new techniques when servicing my clients. I have always loved creating non-conventional imagery by using hair and colour to bring out someone’s character and individuality. Sassoon’s has definitely helped me unlock my creativity and helped me gain the confidence to create some really striking looks.”

She adds: “Thanks to the Scholarship, I have learnt so much as I’ve studied a wide range of their education. The way that I think and analyse hair has become more bespoke to each individual client. When working with colour I have developed a less is more approach that my clients absolutely love, giving them the ability to confidently add something a little bolder to bring out their personality.


“The Scholarship has been one of the highlights of my career to date. It has completely changed the way that I think about hair and the process that I take before each service. There is nothing that I shy away from when it comes to hair and I would definitely say that that is due to the quality in education and the broad range of techniques and methods we have covered throughout. I have grown in confidence as a person and pushed myself out of my comfort zone; living in a small village on Anglesey, London couldn’t be more different! And a few years ago, I never thought I would be able to do anything like this alone. This whole experience has really helped me grow as an individual.”


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