1 April 2023

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna – Latest Updates

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna will take place from 28 April to 2 May 2022. A wide and varied programme of activities is planned. This means the event will be offering everything imaginable for the entire hairdressing and beauty sector.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

Make a note of the new dates for Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna in attendance: from 28 April to 2 May 2022. As usual, from Thursday to Sunday (28 April – 1 May) the pavilions will focus on the Cosmopack production chain sector; as well as retail and perfumery at Cosmo Perfumery and Cosmetics. Then from Friday to Monday (April 29 – May 2) the venue will welcome professional operators with Cosmo Hair & Nail & Beauty Salon.

“The 2022 edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna will be a hands-on opportunity to support the hair and beauty industry; already over 2,700 exhibiting companies also confirmed to date,” explains Gianpiero Calzolari, President of BolognaFiere. “Businesses associated with our industry will continue to give us their support; buyers and distributors will also be there to create new contacts and facilitate further business opportunities. International operators will also be able to organise their visit to the event with greater ease. This way they will experience their return to Cosmoprof with greater peace of mind.”

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna: THE SHOWS

The On Hair show at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna will finally be taking place. It’s an event entirely dedicated to hairstylists and will be held inside Hall 37. This is an arena with 6,000 seats. It will host unmissable shows as well as Look & Learn sessions. These will be delivered by artistic teams and masters from all over the world.

The artistic teams taking to the stage at this year’s Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna include My.Organics, Rudy Mostarda for Extrema Hair, Mauro Galzignato for Kemon, Hair Company, Medavita, Z.One, Alfaparf Milano, Mimmo Laserra for Maletti Group, Paul Gehring for Vitality’s, Alterego Italy, Spaghetti’s, Josh La Monaca for Gamma Più, Graham Hill for Poker, Shot, Luxina and Fashion Lab Gallery as well as many more.


“On the stage of On-Hair, NOW – Progressional Team is happy to bring a collection that returns, after these long months of closure at home, with all of us victims, for better or worse, of devices that have often altered the state of things, the pleasure of rediscovering the senses, those of real life, those that make you appreciate reality for what it is, exorcising for an instant that world that we have been living for a long time through a perfected, patinated, conformed, photoshopped filter and that we risk not decrypt more. We are here, to finally regain the authentic time of affection, of authentic beauty that serves, once again, as an opportunity for people to meet. “


“A” commercial “look can be made” exclusive “by inserting a simple detail. One is enough. The important thing is that it perfectly leads to the concept you want to tell. Each of us has an idea of ​​elegance. But elegance is a set of very specific codes such as movements, culture or attitudes. Nothing to do with beauty, with fashion, nor with the dress you wear or the cost of the latter. It has no weight or height. Elegance is a PERSONAL choice made up of two factors: AWARENESS and SINCERITY. I chose to wear the ALFAPARF MILANO shirt because it is a company that represents me. A company with principles and values ​​that perfectly match my concept of elegance. It is also a great support in my creations because we both appreciate, and bring back to their respective realities, GOOD TASTE and MADE IN ITALY ELEGANCE. “


“The spotlight is finally back on and a live performance with hairstylists from all over the world is back. Alter Ego Italy could not miss this important appointment. To celebrate the newfound contact, we will present a reinterpretation of the latest Collection: I, Human by Alter Ego Italy. An explosive collection, which focuses on many color proposals expressed through chromatisms, overlaps and three-dimensional effects. The cuts draw inspiration from unmistakable lines that have marked the main eras of the past. They are here in a contemporary version, made dynamic through scaling that provide movement and versatility to the texture. We will rediscover looks with great expressive power. They will which bring all the attention back onto the self; they will no longer be apart from the world, but will rediscover Human. “


“For Gamma + direct contact with hairdressers and barbers is essential. They are not just our customers. They are our community. These two years of pandemic have limited our ability to be with our customers. Returning to Bologna means returning to being free to do what we like best. Gamma Più has decided to offer an unforgettable show with Josh Lamonaca to celebrate the newfound freedom. Over the past 24 months Gamma + has created a new generation of essential tools for the modern barber. Josh will show his art on stage and demonstrate what barbers can do with our instruments. “When passion meets purpose” is precisely the story of this encounter; it is between an incredible artist and a company that creates tools that allow the barber to express his creativity.”


It is important to return to an international stage like that of On Hair, after our 2-year hiatus. Returning to perform at On hair will represent a strong emotion, a rebirth and an the awareness of the future. A way of appreciating the small gestures and experiences that nature offers us, such as looking at a blue sky, a blooming flower, the love as a feeling towards one’s neighbour: the very essence of life. The show focuses on cuts, colors and collections: in the performance we will try to convey the Anglo-Saxon philosophy with a purely Italian style that has distinguished Gea Group for over 20 years. “


“We have welcomed with great enthusiasm Cosmoprof’s invitation to participate in a fantastic event like On Hair. Finally we have a great platform to bring fashion trends live to all hair stylists. Ours will be a show with its focus on men’s haircuts, a real characterizing and differentiating aspect of hair fashion professionals “


“The show will present cuts and hairstyles on the innovations of 2022 in terms of colour. It will present the fashion nuances of the ammonia-free “colour in oil” range. Blondes are also protagonists: honey, sand and glacial. These are obtainable thanks to exclusive protocols for the use of the new Ice Blond line by Hair Company Professional.

We have identified 3 macro-themes. First of all, there’s the celebration of the triumph of nature: animal prints, maxi petals, relaxed and soft colors, pastel and natural tones in combination with mineral and intense colours. Transparency and lightness together: soft, light and versatile haircut and hairstyle lines will be proposed. For the Urban theme, a trend that takes its cue from the heights of the skylines, we offer clean geometries, more vibrant colours, pure and optical whites, structured volumes on the heights. This mood recalls structured cuts, disconnections and scaling in the part of the top to convey verticality and character.

The hairstyles will be clean, androgynous with volumes concentrated at the top of the hair. Finally, Digital: a trend that proposes elegant eclecticism between natural fibres and complex designs, a play of materials and volumes. Full and bright colours, digital, kaleidoscopic, like the images our eyes see in the daily scrolling of smartphones. Gritty lines, bright colours, strong disconnections and overlapping of lengths are on the agenda. Our art department is always attentive to the study and research of the latest trends to create Hair Style lines that have a focus consistent with the most current and innovative fashion. “


“We do not stop: we are formed! And we have continued to do so for our trainers and for the whole world of true professionals who consciously choose every day for their clients. We have been missing the emotions of a live broadcast in real time in recent years and now we want to resume more than ever. 2022 is the year of our first all-Italian Luxina Tour which will step on the On Hair stage for the first time to present a style that is a confirmation of professionalism, quality and innovation. Our Show will focus on hair cutting and beard and mustache shaping.

Luxina puts in the hands of every professional the quality, experience and seriousness of an Italian factory that has always been attentive to the craftsman and his work, so our products are based on continuous training and updating. For us, every Barber is to be listened to in order to make the contribution of his experience to our research and so we also do in the Academy and during our Challenges. “


“This last period has strongly affected every single person. Some were only touched, others were shot straight to the heart. We remained helpless in the face of the unknown, finding ourselves stripped of our freedom. This last period, in its darkness, has ignited a great awareness in us: to regain our time! It is important for Medavita to breathe the energy of an impressive event like On Hair, because it gives us the opportunity to create and impress a memory that will last over time. A memory made of courage and the desire to start over.

A memory that defeats fear and limits. And it is precisely from the overcoming of limits that the concept of our show is born. A show that combines the inspiration of the cut and the technicality of the colors to create a performing magic. With the launch of Choice Color Elite we have not only demonstrated that effectiveness and beauty can and must be free from any compromise, but that there is no limit to our desire for revenge. “


I think it is wonderful it is essential to be able to return to the On Hair stage, after this long period of closure. Mark a restart for all of us. Why am I going back to this stage? Simply to give light to beauty, to give shape to a dream and life to a reality. This new project is linked to a wonderful collaboration with Maletti Group, which collaborated with us for Eden. “


“For our profession, having the opportunity to go back live again, participating in an event of this caliber, is an indescribable emotion. For our sector it is essential to network, and what better way than through direct confrontation and contact with each other to encourage the exchange of visions and ideas? Furthermore, we think that On Hair is the most suitable place to return to an entertainment dimension that makes brand communication even more captivating.

During these two difficult years, the spectacular element was certainly missing, the much loved “wow effect” that a performance can give to an audience of fans. MY.TEAM can’t wait to give voice to the passion and love that we put into our work every day: this is why we are impatient to perform to give spectators an exhibition that will be a golden blaze, a symbol of refinement and of a preciousness that marries with the natural and sustainable soul of MY.ORGANICS. A guaranteed show that will leave its mark! “


“Our show is based on street style, avant-garde, couture fashion, enhancing and enhancing beauty. Let’s talk about hair, make-up, outfits, accessories: a global and coordinated 360 ° image. We want to express creativity combined with technique and know-how, leaving a message of style, identity and ranging in the diversity of proposals to give a complete picture of our sector. “


“No social etiquette or prejudice that connects beauty to age, but the choice of always being oneself in every moment of one’s life. The observation of beauty understood as an expression of the uniqueness of every human being to stimulate and expand social attitudes that are more open, free and prone to relationships. Never before do we need it like now. A stage that communicates and that communicates creativity and freedom in all its expressive forms. “


“After a moment in which we have had to review all our priorities, and also our life patterns, we want to start over with greater awareness. Being present on the stage of On Hair represents for z.one concept the possibility of communicating the change taking place in the world of beauty where a 360 ° beauty is increasingly sought. The stylists of the z.one concept international artistic team, led by their artistic director Andrew Smith, will perform in a performance where the woman will be the center of their attention. Cut, colours and styling will be the protagonists of a show where the key word will be harmony. Just like the collection presented. HAIRMONY “.


“We are finally here, adrenaline and emphasis return to the heart of our stylists who will step on the prestigious ON HAIR stage after a two-year stop. The most complicated part will surely be managing the joy and emotions and transforming them into positive energy to perform the show at its best. This year, as never before, we have focused our energies on the human being. It will be a presentation that aims to clearly underline that there is no “MEN” cut or “WOMAN” colour. The choice was dictated by the fact that the two realities increasingly merge into a single solution: GENDER EQUALITY “.


“The importance of returning live on a stage like On Hair is certainly connected with the desire to return to experience the emotions that only the real presence of people can convey; the silence before the performance, the noise during and, at best, the final applause are indescribable sensations, the spark that triggers the adrenaline that allows us to continue on our professional path. Kemon Candy Shop aims to inspire the many shades of pastel color to be used on a perfect white canvas metaphorically translated into blonde hair; the cutting lines will be complementary and functional to achieving the goal, an inclusive beauty. The choice is linked to some great news from Kemon and at the same time to market proposals in line with current trends to be translated into daily business. “

Young people will also be protagonists in the 2022 edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna with Hair Ring, the event that celebrates 10 years, dedicated to young talents and organised with the Italian Chamber of Hairstyling, acquires an increasingly professional value.

Nails will be the absolute protagonist, as per tradition at the pad. 36 while hairdressing will find its place in halls 25, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 37 with a path designed to offer visitors a complete experience of companies, products, services and equipment.


2,700+ exhibitors
69 countries
26 national pavilions
200,000 of exhibition space



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