2 April 2023

The octopus haircut: trending now

The octopus haircut, the trendiest look for Spring 2022, hails from the Far East. Like all eccentric haircuts, it’s either “hate it” or “love it”.

The name “octopus haircut” may be whimsical, but it describes this eccentric cut perfectly! It caught people’s eyes when Billie Eilish launched this look on social media. After lots of crazy colors she decided to opt for platinum blonde. The form of the Octopus Haircut aptly reflects its name, with a smooth and slight bouffant for height – similar to the round contours of the sea creature – while the lengths are a bit wild and cut into many… tentacles. The hair at the top of the head is slightly layered, with a gradual layering towards the ears; the waves instead are long, at least long enough to brush the shoulders, otherwise the octopus effect would disappear. 

The “bold” look to try

The “octopus” cut is a longer version of the infamous Mullet or, if we prefer, a specific and exasperated variation of the Shag, with lots of layering. This is why its fans are crazy about this cut, and why it is detested by those who prefer a more classic cut.

An explosive mix that nods to the more dramatic 1980s, the Octopus Haircut is characterised by important volumes everywhere, rebellious from top to the ends, but not too much. It is a flashy sort of cut, and is certainly eye-catching. It arrives from the Far East, especially from Japan and Korea, where it has been popular for a while now. 

After the imposed austerity of 2020 and 2021, this cut is proof of an irrepressible desire to dare and break out.  The looks is completed by a fringe, which can be short and sweet or long and elaborate, either curtain or bottleneck. 

Styling the octopus haircut

Depending on the natural texture of your hair, the shag is a cut that can also work in a messy styling or perfectly smooth, rigorously neat and waves under control in styling the tentacles.

Even Kaia Gerber loves the Octopus Haircut! Indeed, the American super model succeeded in playing it down, making it a more subtle version that those found online. Hers is a styling based on safe curves, with very harmonic layers for a less impactful visual of the hairstyle inspired by the shape of an octopus.

We have spoken of volumes, waves, top and lengths, but how can the ends of such a particular cut as the Octopus be managed? Depending on the look you want to sport, the ends can be either combed or blow-dried. But the only thing that this cut fears is… curly hair. Indeed, with curly hair, the risk is that of getting a fragmented hairstyle, without the characteristic movement and volume that the Octopus Haircut is famous for.   


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