25 April 2024

The Choppy Lob?… Yes, please!

The choppy lob. The never-ending trend. The bob made a big comeback a few years ago and is lasting longer than anyone expected. The destiny of all classic cuts.

Long, short, brushing the collar bone, with inward or outward curves, smooth or textured, with or without a fringe, layered or wavy. The bob is as trendy as ever, in any length or style, but 2022 is certainly the year of the Choppy Lob, or Choppy Long Bob.

But why is this variation taking all the social trend setters and celebs by storm? The mere fact that Alexa Chung has been owning it for a while now already makes it super cool.

Choppy Lob: hair comes alive

A hair look that maximizes volumes and the natural movement of the hair, the biggest quality of the wavy bob is its extreme versatility. Indeed, it is the cut that makes it so perfect for both round faces and long faces.

The Choppy Lob is not an absolute innovation, but now is the apex of its popularity, probably for its “universal” appeal and the way it enhances any color service, from the most sophisticated balayage to the boldest crazy color.

Choppy Lob: the 2022 version

But if millions of women have already flaunted this look, what’s new about this year’s choppy lob ? It’s a question of texture, a subtle characteristic noticeable to anyone who takes the time to get a closer look.

The Choppy Lob for 2022 has a more natural finish than the variations seen up to now. We might even say grunge, citing the rock’n’roll trends of the early 1990s. Messier, with a decidedly more natural mood, less “wet” and more opaque.

Exaggerated layering, natural movement, and a slightly grungy texture. These are the basic ingredients for a successful Choppy Lob recipe that checks all the boxes for today’s trendiest look. The secret to a perfectly wavy bob? Drying certainly plays a fundamental role and for the choppy bob, the best thing is a state-of-the-art messy, natural, and tousled look…


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