21 April 2024

Audrina Patridge’s New Trending Hair Look

Wella Professionals Brand Ambassador, Briana Cisneros created a new, inspiring haircolor for TV personality Audrina Patridge using Shinefinity!

Briana says that Shinefinity was the perfect partner for Audrina Latridge’s trending hair look. In fact, Shinefinity is perfect for quick corrective changes and adding fun tones to your hair that are still soft and keep the hair’s natural quality intact. There is zero lift to your hair so once the tone gradually fades out you are left with healthy shiny hair.

Briana Cisneros Spring 2022 Hair Color Trends

▶ Rich Nude Blonde
▶ Vanilla Blonde
▶ Bubble Gum Pink
▶ Soft Baby blue
▶ Natural Golden tones

What you should request from your stylist to achieve Audrina Patridge’s look?

▶ “Bubble gum pink, is such a fun change and a safer one at that because as your pink fades it leaves a beautiful balanced tone to your blonde.
▶ “The soft baby blue is in the pastel family and can really complete almost every outfit! It can be such a statement while maintaining a soft approachable feel.”
▶ “The reason so many of us are loving the vanilla creamy blondes and are welcoming some other warmer gold tones in to our lives is because for so long blonde just couldn’t be icy enough and it really is making a huge shift to the other end of the spectrum. At the end of the day though skin tone and personal style rules all! Doing what you feel best in is ultimately what is going to make you shine!

How did you achieve this trending Rich Nude Blonde look on Audrina Patridge?

Shinefinity was the perfect partner for Audrina Patridge’s trending hair look. Previously we had taken Audrina much blonder to give her a bubble gum pink look using Wella’s Color Fresh mask knowing that we could rely on it to fade out completely setting us up perfectly for her Shinefinity Shimmer Melt makeover. We wanted a nude blonde tone with a deeper richer brunette at the root and low lighted underneath to add depth. I used Shinefinity 06/07 to melt down her highlights and add warmth to her complexion. Then I glazed her mid lengths through ends with Shinefinity 09/07, 09/36 adding a sandy nude tone and maximum shine to richer up her blonde. The look really is so natural looking, healthy and definitely added luxury feel to her blonde hair. She said she could physically feel the shine in her hair and loved the service so much!” says Briana.

Other callouts about spring color trends:

No matter what healthy hair is the goal! Shiny beautiful locks will always be youthful, style the easiest and be the most attention grabbing. Which is why I really think Shinefinity is going to be one of the hero products used amongst professionals,” comments Cisneros.


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