3 June 2023

Elements Collection by Fabio Ziccardi

This stunning collection interprets Fabio Ziccardi’s personal avant-garde vision of the four elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air.

Each look in the Elements Collection is thanks to a high-precision process, working with natural and non-synthetic hair. When mixed with the fixative spray they create a crystallised effect. This is the inspiration for the shapes of the four fundamental elements of life.


Water is the blue gold and, therefore, this look is inspired by the rivers that flow into the sea, hence the shades of white and light blue foam.


Fire symbolises energy and passion. It starts from the underworld of the earth and then explodes in a magma of colours.


Earth means our roots and this hairstyle welcomes the same colours that nature offers us.

Air is volume, but has no colour. To represent its purity, we use white infused in its transparencies.

Elements Collection. Hair: Fabio Ziccardi Photography and Retouching: Esther Favilla MUA: Isabella Grasso Styling and Design: Elisabetta Zarrilli Products: Revlon Professional


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