19 June 2024

Balance: haute hair couture as sculpture

Jasmin Hurskainen created this collection as a form of self-expression, finding ways to balance different shapes. By playing with proportions and technique, haute hair couture becomes sculpture.

Avant-garde hair styling uses hair as an artistic medium. This is what Jasmin Hurskainen has accomplished with her collection aptly entitled “Balance“. She transforms haute couture hair into modern sculptures, worthy of the fashion-forward VIPs vying to dominate the scene at the Met’s Costume Institute Gala red carpet.

Jasmin Hurskainen says she created this collection to express herself. “The purpose of creating this collection was to find a balance of different shapes,” she explains. She succeeded in actuating her concept by working with proportions and positioning to find a perfect balance. The coifs are stable and do not fall. Moreover, the smooth surface of the hair reflects lights and creates shadows to accentuate different shapes.

She also came up with “out-of-the-box” designs. For example, she balances a box-shaped chignon on the crown of the head to contrast sharply with the head itself. Instead of an over-sized bow or fascinator, another model flaunts vector-like lines jauntily tilted to one side of the head. We have all seen bubbles neatly lined up in pony tails. Instead, Jasmin pushes the envelop, using different sizes of bubbles balanced in a skewed vertical arrangement.

Jasmin’s imagination led her to use shapes and 3D geometric concepts that are seldom seen in hairdressing. Indeed, her unusual approach seems to blur the lines between the concepts of “hairdressing” and “headdressing”. Jasmin also give credit to her team, saying, “With a great team there is an opportunity to create the most amazing collection.


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