30 May 2023

The Freedom to be You by Avlon

The Freedom to be You Collection by Avlon is all about being who you want to be as a woman of colour, expressing your culture and your hair your way without bias or limitations, opening the door to texture whilst rocking your choices. 

The Freedom to be You

The Freedom to be You Collection touches on all the senses of the Avlon product portfolio; from natural tresses to chemically arranged, delivering truly beautiful hair.

Photography: Chris Bulezuik Hair: Avlon Education Team – Jacqui Mcintosh, Lathaniel Chambers, Regina Meessen, Pashcan’el Mitchell, Aileen Francis. MUA: Kym Menzies Foster. Clothes Styling: Clare Frith – Clare Frith Style. Videographer: Alex Herrera, Clear Vision Media


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