1 April 2023

Everything Sucks – Collection by Javier Gomar

Everything Sucks takes its inspiration from a year in which we have realised that the people, whatever they do, have to indulge themselves and visualise what it really means to be happy.

Everything Sucks

We live in a time with an overload of information and, at yet we are worse informed than ever. What is real? What is not? Is the info you read real or is it compromised for some reason? Are we puppets directed to a fold by certain people or are we free? If you doubt something or argue against it, are you a denier? Should we follow the stereotypes of the time we live in? Or should we be free about our clothes and style the way we wish to? Everything Sucks reflects these topics.

We should focus on the little look details like, for example, white hair with a drawing in the middle well positioned. Someone who, because of fear, had to stay at home and do whatever possible, from cutting his or her hair as well as they could or put an extension to their hair.

Could they do it better?

Who knows… were they happy about their looks at that moment? Yes! Because we have to be happy and only learn to contradict ourselves just for ourselves, and not for others. Because if you feel great with the way you look, how you dance or with whom you spend your time; it is because you are following the right path. Anyway, stop worrying about the rest, they are going to criticise you anyway; they will do whatever they want and we will not be able to control it. Be authentic. Be free.

The looks are also inspired by the world of raves or illegal parties, where some escaped to vent and to which they came with the best look their limitations allowed. However, despite the imperfection, they achieve their goal, to be happy, even if people want to condemn them.

And from that concept arises the idea of lights and the over-information of images. An attempt to saturate details to confuse and not know what to observe, although the person and the look remain as the main final protagonist.

Hair: Javier Gomar Hairstylist Hair Assistant: Néstor Riera Photography: David Arnal MUA: Mimi Novella Styling: Gala Egea Marcos Peret Manuel Arteaga


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