21 July 2024

 Cool Guys Really Do Wear Pink!

Cruz Beckham and Machine Gun Kelly have both stepped out this week with a brand-new hair colour – pink – and according to Pulp Riot Artist Christabel Legrand, it’s the new colour in town for Cool Guys! 

“Pink hair is becoming a trend with influential ‘cool guys’ as its breaking the dated stereotypical boundaries of gendering colours. Different is cool, individuality is cool, expressing yourself is cool. And I am here for it! 

Having coloured hair is very much an extension of somebody’s image; it can create the base for a very iconic style, and people are always looking for something different that stands out.” 

Pink has become a staple of shades for most hair artists, turning long blondes into pastel pink and adding fuchsia tones to shorter hair. And when it comes to creating the perfect pink, Christel has this advice: “Firstly, you need to create the perfect base for the shade you want to achieve. For pastels I’d suggest lifting the hair with Pulp Riot Blonde AF to a clean level 10, and neutralise and tone any unwanted warmth in the hair. For a more pigmented pink, Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent Cupid gives coverage from a level 6-10. So, depending on your desired result always remember your undertones. For a toned-down pink that is super wearable, choose a softer shade such as Blush, you can also pastelise it by utilising your Clear Semi-Permanent. 

Top tip: For a toned-down pink, start with the lighter colour in your bowl then add your darker tone. Press release 

Top tip: When creating the perfect pink for clients, look at skin tones. Would they suit a cooler pink or a warm tone, longevity of the colour, what will suit your clients style? Then go for it! 

For more information on Pulp Riot visit 

Instagram @pulpriot.uk 


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