15 June 2024

Salon Re:Source Guide: Plastic Consumption

Sustainability heroes Anne Veck and Keith Mellen explain how you can reduce your plastic consumption in their free Salon Re:Source guide part 2.

Salon Re:Source

Anne Veck and Keith Mellen’s mission has always been clear; to make hairdressing more sustainable and encourage others to make positive changes towards a more sustainable future. In 2020 Anne and Keith launched Salon Re:Source. This is a free, three-part guide, packed full of tried-and-tested tips for running a more sustainable salon. Since launching Anne and Keith have been working hard behind the scenes to refresh Salon Re:Source. They have introduced with new ideas, updated recommendations and even more practical solutions for running a more sustainable salon business.

Salon Re:Source

Right now, the world is facing emergencies in health, human rights, climate heating and extinctions – but what can we do? It can seem that the problems in the world today are so big, the only sensible call to action is to go ostrich and bury your head in the sand. The hair industry uses huge amounts of energy, water, plastic and chemicals, and produces large amounts of waste. We really have the power to make a real difference and Anne and Keith’s sustainable salon tool kit is here to help you do that.

Take things one step at a time

Salon Re:Source part 2 identifies small changes, next steps and major changes. The guide includes easy-to-implement advice, resources and real-life recommendations. The guide is designed to be used however you wish, start from the top and work through the actions or dip in and out as you wish.

Keith Mellen recommends tackling one each week, “By starting with the easy, low-cost quick wins you can already be on your way to becoming a more sustainable salon. These are easy things that you can do right now, most of them don’t cost much money, and some don’t cost anything at all, but they’ll start to help you save money right away.”


For immediate, maximum, positive, world-changing action, Anne and Keith share their top three tips. If you do just three things, do these. These will make a big, positive difference to several major problems in one go;

  • Change from cotton to biodegradable, compostable towels, capes and gowns
  • Switch to a Green energy provider
  • Move to a sustainable and ethical hairdressing product supplier

Becoming a sustainable salon is a journey and we are all where we are, rather than where we’d like to be – so do what you can and get started today.

To find out more about Salon Re:Source and sign up to receive the free guide, visit: http://bit.ly/SalonReSourceUK

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