15 June 2024

2022 bridal hairstyles: it’s best just to be yourself!

Just being yourself in all your wonderful uniqueness is the biggest trend in hairstyling this year. And 2022 bridal hairstyles are no exception.

Recognizing your own worth through whatever it is that makes you unique. A universal approach that is taking hold more and more in the world of beauty and that is stronger than ever in hairdressing. As we found in 2022 hairstyling trends, even 2022 bridal hairstyles are conveying a strong desire to stand out. “The strongest trend is uniqueness – says Toni Pellegrino, Sicilian hairstylist and Creative Director of TONIPELLEGRINO Art and Science/Community, and L’Oréal partner – “every bride, every couple wants to tell their own story, in real terms – of memories, experiences – and in terms of dreams and visions, or even just in aesthetic preferences. Nowadays there is no wedding without storytelling! This extreme attention to unique and crafted detail can be considered a true trend. The categories of styles are infinite: as many as there are brides.”

What styling solutions for 2022 bridal hairstyles work for long hair?

One of the most popular is waves that become crinkled, tighter, more structured, that lend volume and movement right from the root. Other favorites are romantic half-updos, which are timeless, and ponytails. For those seeking a bolder image, look for more elaborate and structured hairstyles, that require the utmost attention paid to harmony and proportions! Then there are always those brides who decide to go to the altar with loose hair, but with a great blow-out.

How about brides with mid-lengths?

Even mid-lengths are seeing two macro-trends: super-detailed and graphic looks and looks that are almost “ready to wear”.

There is a strong return to extremely artistic hairstyles with super-accurate prepping process, with graphic and structured forms and the use of precious accessories. But at the same time there are many brides who choose absolutely natural and free hair, always prepared perfectly, but with no accessory whatsoever.

How can a bride with short hair get a more gala look?

It depends on the style, but let’s say that they can use any type of accessory as a final touch that will be in harmony with both the gown and the venue. Possibilities include headbands, jewelled clips, hats, veils, flower crowns. Or even more simply, nothing: just a perfect cut, a perfect color, and perfectly crafted styling and finish.

Are there any particularly trendy accessories for 2022 bridal hairstyles?

Whenever possible, it can be the hair itself, and how it is worked as a medium. For example braids that can be transformed into crowns or tiaras, or original and intricate braids.

There is a very strong need to attain what you dreamed. The long stop has disoriented and disappointed many brides who, once they were able to get back on track, were determined to make their dreams come true.

At the same time, the pandemic pushed hair positivity. Staying home for weeks at a time with regrowth with no hope for a color service or pro blow-out gave us more confidence with our own hair. Women were obliged to do it themselves and accept their successes and failures.

This means that today’s bride more often than not refuses pretense. Two examples? Curly girls have learned to love their hair and those with short hair no longer ask for extensions only for their wedding day.

Whoever already colors their hair generally don’t want a big change for their wedding.Instead, often the opposite happens. Those who don’t color want something new.

My suggestion is to approach the world of hair color with low-impact services, that don’t upset your image, but are very effective aesthetically. All in all, the utmost respect for natural looks. Flou Color is perfect. This bivalent technique involves millimetric highlights or lowlights (depending on your needs) and can add luminosity, depth, volume, and shine. We are not talking about a single nuance. It is a targeted color intervention and personalised where needed.

Overall, 2022 is the year of Mediterranean colors, earthy colors. The most popular are brunettes, copper tones, dark browns.

Classic, romantic, chic are the preferred styles for brides. What are the innovations in 2022 bridal hairstyles?

These are the evergreens and, as such, are always at the top. The innovation I see is hair positivity. Authenticity wins. Being yourself wins.

Photo Credits:
Creative Director: Toni Pellegrino

Artistic Director: Salvo Binetti
Technical Director: Eveline Pellegrino
ArtTeam: Carmelo Agosta, Miky Basile, Salvo Castiglione, Gessica Maltese, Salvo Peluso, Michele Tedesco
Photo: Carlos Teixeira
Stylist: Pablo Patanè
Make-up: Orazio Tomarchio per La Truccheria Cherie
Copy: Stefania Pilato
ArTeam assistant: Giorgia Del Buono, Stefania Ferro,
Make-up assistant: Elena Pafumi, Giorgia Salamita, Stefania Torrisi
Photo assistant: Tiago Mulhmann, Lucas Gomez

Creative Director: Fausto Cavaleri
Executive Producer: Stefania Pilato

Using Redken, Kérastase, L’Oréal Professionnel, Shu Uemura Art of Hair


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