21 May 2024

New balayage techniques: frosting is a simple idea for spring

Like a frosting on your hair, this new balayage technique dubbed hair frosting enhances the darker nuances of your locks.

The new year has just started and already we are seeing new balayage techniques. Other trends included a huge revival of bangs – in every length and variety. We also can’t help notice a general tendency towards darker colors. After years of lightening, brunettes are finally reconquering their rightful place. Step aside blond shades! You’ve dominated the scene for too long. Make way for hair frosting!

Confirming this new balayage technique and trend are the celebrities who, like dominos, are heading back to their natural color. Good-bye to over-the-top hues! Hailey Bieber, with her Expensive Brunette, was a precursor of this trend inversion. Her luminous and iridescent hues exalt her brunette through the most subtle lightening with a cool tone. And her face is naturally illuminated.

Stuart Marsh, color director of the London salon Taylor Taylor, conceived of the new balayage technique called Hair Frosting. It apparently originated in Los Angeles. It fundamentally represents an evolution of what was already a well-known balayage, but with a few differences. The new hair frosting technique consists of small streaks of cool blonde lightening positioned to contrast darker locks. This creates a contouring effect that illuminates the face.

Who looks good with hair frosting? Luckily, just about anybody! Because this new balayage technique succeeds in harmonizing perfectly with any face shape and any hair color, highlighting the purest of luminosity. Thanks to new brush application techniques, this coloring is very easy to manage. It does not create stark lines, but rather works within the locks. This means that you will need no monthly touch-ups.

Lastly, there are no restrictions for different textures! From smooth to kinky, every type of hair can be illuminated with this new balayage technique of hair frosting. Halle Berry’s curls are the perfect example!


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