13 April 2024

Valentine’s Day hairstyling ideas: 5 looks for all tastes

We already shared this other years, in this and in this other article. And even if every year we continue to say that we don’t need any more ideas for Valentine’s Day, every time February 14th rolls around, we always think, “How can we resist?”

Nothing complicated of course, just a few quick ideas for Valentine’s Day. Maybe because we have just fallen in love! Or maybe because, for some reason, we have decided to celebrate the holiday this year. Whatever the reason, here is some inspiration…

1. Wear your heart in your hair

Firstly, we could never even begin this round-up of Valentine’s Day hairstyling ideas without a great classic: the heart. But is should be reinterpreted in impromptu mode. this may not be for everyone. But if you are looking for Valentine’s Day hair ideas that are eye-catching but not overly flamboyant, well this might do the trick.

2. Pink/Punk Love

Instead, if you do want to go over the top, here is Plan B. Eccentric, colorful, irreverent, perfect if you have a rock & roll soul, or if you want to shake up a “special someone” who is still sitting on the fence. Make a easy-going date and then show up with this cut and color. If it does not provoke “fight or flight”, you’ll be together forever!

3. A rose by any other name…

Remember, not only hearts provide Valentine’s Day hairstyling inspo, because flowers do too… especially red roses. Naturally, discretion is advised, because a head crowned in flowers is perfect for a wedding.

4. A pink cloud

If you love pink, this is your day. The perfect Valentine’s Day hairstyling ideas are those that focus on this color, in all its nuances, from pale to shocking pink. Then, be sure to include a message of love…

5. Not only for sweethearts

Lastly, if you are not looking for inspiration for a romantic candlelit dinner for two, but you prefer a family affair, here are two Valentine’s Day hairstyling ideas in one, or a heart-shaped braid to share with your daughters. After all, it may not be the most classic of the holidays, but it will certainly be one of the sweetest


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