15 June 2024

Aveda Full Spectrum: the next generation of permanent vegan hair color

Aveda’s Full Spectrum Permanent™ Vegan Treatment Hair Color features new exclusive technology and delivers fully customizable radiant color. Estetica spoke to Ian Michael Black and Darcy Prater about what makes this hair color and treatment so special.

The next generation of permanent hair color has arrived with 96% naturally derived1 Aveda Full Spectrum Permanent™ Vegan Treatment Hair Color. This range offers an expanded palette of customizable color, a specially developed pure-fume™ aroma, and a new 100% recycled aluminum tube.

But most importantly, following 3 years of scientific research, Aveda has developed a proprietary alkalizer technology that powers Full Spectrum Permanent™ Vegan Treatment Hair Color. This breakthrough makes it possible to take hair color to a new level of performance.

Estetica spoke with two outstanding members of the Aveda team. Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Hair Color and Darcy Prater, Director of Formulations for Professional Hair Care took some time to focus on some of the details with us. “We don’t have to compromise on anything to achieve the color results we long for,” said Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Hair Color.Naturally derived, vegan, and fully customizable; Aveda Full Spectrum has it all.

Black talked about the use of ammonia in hair color since the dawning of time, But today, with new technologies

But first things first! Let’s take a closer look at the new alkalizer, dubbed DMAP. In the words of Darcy Prater, Director of Formulations for Professional Hair Care, this alkalizer makes all the difference, as it:

  • Enhances color penetration for exceptional deposition
  • Processes faster for 100% grey coverage in just 30 minutes
  • Delivers radiant shine and longevity even on difficult-to-maintain reds
  • Gives incredible results with precisely calibrated shades
  • Creates infinite shades with an expanded range

A colorist’s dream come true!

While the technical features are always important for business and results, professional colorists today are seeking outstanding creative possibilities. Aveda Full Spectrum Permanent™ Vegan Treatment Hair Color also fills this bill with an expanded palette of customizable color. Precisely calibrated shade formulations are handcrafted with a unique blend of dyes and pH adjusters for high performance color results. Colorists can create virtually any color with enhanced shades for endless color possibilities.

  • New Natural Cool Series: featuring 60% more cool dyes1 that neutralizes hair’s underlying warmth while staying true to level. Available in 9 levels – 1NC, 3-10NC.
  • New Natural Natural Series: Added opacity and coolness for 100% grey coverage in 30 minutes. Available in 7 levels – 2NN, 4-9NN.
  • Improved Natural Series: Same tonal quality as previous full spectrum™ permanent hair color with exceptional color deposition and longevity. Available in 8 levels – 3N-10N.
  • New and Expanded Tones: The same full range of light, dark and pure tones. But there is bold new packaging plus four new tones.This simplifies brunette and blonde formulations. There is also a pink pure pigment.

Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Color, was visibly excited about Aveda Full Spectrum Permanent™ Vegan Treatment Hair Color for many reasons. First of all, it is the perfect solution for keeping eco-savvy customers happy in your salon and, indeed, driving more health-conscious people to Aveda salons. Yet, satisfaction is guaranteed, thanks to vibrant permanent color. For salon owners, it is also possible to maintain a smaller range of colors in stock without limiting creative possibilities. And easy-to-read charts organize colors into warm and cool columns for formulating complementary hues. “This approach makes it easier to tweak a couture formula for each client. There is no one-size-fits-all,” explain Black. “As a professional, you are urged to expand and explore your knowledge, taking it to the next level.

Reflecting his own expertise as a global educator, Black assures, “There will also be a roll-out of training courses, from starter to advanced, to meet everyone’s needs.

Taking care of the hair

Aveda Full Spectrum Permanent™ Vegan Treatment Hair Color also contains a new protective botanical oil blend.

Darcy also shares that these organic essential oils are tested for their effects on hair condition and shine. “There is a specific expert team that controls the origins of all our ingredients,” she explains. Indeed, Aveda demands only sustainably sourced oils. Darcy adds, “People would be overwhelmed to see the amount of documentation necessary to ensure that our ingredients are organic and from sustainable sources.

The oil blend includes:

  • Certified organic avocado oil, rich in omega-9 monounsaturated fats. In particular, Aveda’s oil comes from family farms in Africa where hand-harvested avocados are cold-pressed.
  • Certified organic baobab oil from cold-pressed seeds from the “Tree of Life”, as it is known in Africa. Aveda’s partner in West Africa has given local people a sustainable source of income through the harvesting of this oil.
  • Certified organic sacha inchi oil, rich in omega-3 oils. This wonder oil comes from a plant native to the Amazon forest. A local partner obtains the seeds from family farms and presses them at a factory in Peru.

Extra care, extra value

Moreover, Aveda Full Spectrum Permanent™ Vegan Treatment Hair Color works excellently in tandem with the Botanical Repair™ Professional Color Treatment. This extraordinary treatment can result in 5X stronger hair after just one application. Black explains, “Botanical Repair™ not only repairs bonds but multiplies them. Not only does it reattach broken bonds, if forms new bond in the hair. It can be either combined with other services or be offered as a stand-alone.

But as Darcy explains,”We refer to our hair color as a treatment, because a lot of the ingredients we used in the formulation also condition hair. Consumers today are much more aware about damaging hair with over-processing. And adding the Botanical Repair™ service makes an enormous difference in hair health.

Most importantly,” concludes Black, “my interest as a colorist is for hair to be in the best condition possible. Because that makes my life easier. It puts fewer restrictions on me. From a consumer point of view, the better the condition of the hair, the longer they hair color and shine will last!

Furthermore, Full Spectrum Permanent™ Vegan Treatment Hair Color now features an exclusive pure-fume™ aroma. The certified organic essential oils responsible for this lovely scent include clove, lime, orange and peppermint. Such luxury transforms every color service into a multi-sensory experience.

Black also added, “Whereas other large companies have outside vendors, Aveda is one of the very few companies in the world that has their own in-house aromologists as well. So adding special botanical oils, each with its unique scent, guarantees a much more pleasant salon experience for our clients.”

We artfully blended and balanced these high-impact essential oils until we landed on the perfect aroma.This scent delivers a fresh, vibrant experience for the guest and Artist,” explained Kate Rosso, Aveda’s Principal Perfumer.

Prater too is convinced that hair color will leave synthetics behind and move towards organic oils in the future of the industry as a whole. “The more we research what Nature has to offer, the more opportunities there are to replace synthetic ingredients that may have a negative impact on the environment,” she asserts.

Environmental standards guaranteed

Aveda Full Spectrum Permanent™ Vegan Treatment Hair Color contains 96% naturally derived ingredients1. Like all Aveda products, it is cruelty-free, vegan. Aveda also manufactures their products using 100% renewable energy through solar and wind power.1 The treatment color now comes in a 100% recycled aluminum tube. The cartons in FSC certified 100% recycled fiber cartons and are in turn 100% recyclable.

1 Compared to full spectrum permanent™ vegan treatment hair color natural series

1 Compared to existing full spectrum™ protective permanent creme hair color


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