22 May 2024

Andis® Company launches new education website

Andis® Company is launching a fully reimagined website brimming with educational and inspirational resources.

Andis® Company has long been a leader in professional tools and education for the barber and beauty industry. And now Andis® Company launches a fully reimagined education site: their newest tool to empower talented artists. This site is now the ultimate destination for barbers and hairstylists seeking incredible educational resources. Barbers and stylists alike will find a suite of free, step-by-step tutorial videos featuring Andis® Company’s world-class global educators. Such resources can help expand skills and strengthen knowledge and expertise through live and pre-recorded, on-demand virtual education. Moreover, there will be downloadable books and guides for all hair types.

In the beauty and barber industry, time is money. Yet inspiration can be to hard to come by and community is crucial. Andis® Company recognizes that creators need a place to gather and fill their own cup with skills, tips and tricks. In this way they can bring back to their clients every day in the shop or salon. Our new education site is the place to be to access the resources you need to create your way,” said Angie Perino, the company’s Global Education Manager for its beauty & barber division. “The site is mobile-friendly. As a result, with easy, intuitive navigation you can access incredible educational content. Creators will find resources for all hair types, genders and a vast array of Andis® tools. There is something for everyone, whether you are a novice or expert, barber or stylist!

Andis® Company rebranding continues

The Andis® Barber and Stylist Education site redesign is just one part of the reimagined end-to-end brand experience and new positioning. The fact is, Andis® Company believes creativity makes the world a better place and understands the crucial need to develop tools and educational resources that help everyone to create their way. This means that all barbers and stylists, no matter what stage of their professional career, will find something useful. In addition to the above features, the website also details upcoming in-person events, and lists photos and bios of the global education team. Users can easily request custom workshops via dedicated tabs. Additional step-by-step video tutorials, pre-recorded, on-demand virtual education and other community-building features will continue to roll out throughout 2022.

For more, visit Andis® Company’s Stylist and Barber Education site.


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