22 May 2024

One Aircut Two Ways – Picked and Natural / Effortlessly Blown Out

Learn how to create an awe-inspiring Aircut, a systematic approach to cutting textured hair, with Ashley Brown, Sam Villa Ambassador and Mizani Artist.

One Aircut, worn two ways! “The Mizani Aircut is a systematic approach to cutting textured hair. It focuses on the Science, Art, and Technique of cutting textured hair which in turn allows your guest to style shift from an array of natural styles to smooth styles, and everything in between,” explains Ashley Brown, Sam Villa Ambassador and Mizani Artist.

Using Sam Villa Classic Series Dry Cutting Shears, Brown was able to use the 5 glide techniques within the cutting method to create air pockets (“Air in the Hair”) and softness on the ends allowing hair to be worn many different ways, while still maintaining a beautiful cohesive shape. 

Picked Natural Look

  • Shampoo and condition with Mizani True Textures, layer Mizani 25 Miracle Milk and 25 Miracle Cream on fully saturated hair before detangling with the Sam Villa Signature Series 9 Row Finishing Brush. Moisture is key to ensure the “picked out” look remains hydrated. 
  • Once fully detangled, begin at the bottom and work up, taking horizontal subsections. Apply Mizani True Textures Curl Enhancing Lotion, layering with the Mizani Foam Wrap, and evenly distribute product using the 9 Row Brush. Brushing through 1-2x to keep hair detangled and product distributed.  Pro Tip: Moisture is essential – if hair begins to dry out, fully resaturate with a spray bottle prior to applying product. 
  • Use a blow dryer with deep bowl diffuser to diffuse and completely dry hair. Hair must be 100% dry to avoid frizz before “picking out” the style. Apply a generous amount of Mizani 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil to hands, emulsify and scrunch into hair, massaging at the root area and breaking up curls. Apply more oil and continue all over the head. 
  • Utilize fingers and a wide tooth comb to gently stretch hair from root to end, not pulling fingers all the way through the ends to leave them intact.  Start to build volume with the Sam Villa Signature Series 8 Piece Comb Set – begin with the widest tooth comb, repeat the same process of gently stretching hair, using the wide tooth comb as a pick. Be as gentle as possible and graduate to smaller teeth for more volume. Depending on how tight the texture, the wide tooth comb may be more than enough. 

Effortless Blow Out

  • Use a Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer (with concentrator), dry sectioning clips and Signature Series Thermal Styling Brush. Prep hair using Mizani Press Agent Shampoo and Conditioner, detangle using Mizani 25 Miracle Milk, and cocktail Mizani Press Agent Raincoat Cream and Serum for up to 450° heat protection. 
  • Pro Tip:  Beginners might want to prep hair with products the same way and use a Sam Villa Pro Results 3-in-1 Blow Dry Hot Brush to easily smooth out the cuticle on the first or second brush setting. Once smooth and dry, apply 1-2 pumps of the Mizani Press Agent Raincoat Serum, then go back in with the blow dryer/concentrator and thermal styling brush to really seal the cuticle down and add additional body and movement.

This cutting method, combined with the proper products and tools makes the sky the limit for those with curls, coils, and waves!” adds Brown who will be demonstrating the cutting technique and how it can be used to add volume on “Mannequin Monday” on January 24th live on Facebook and YouTube.

Tune in weekly to learn more valuable information from Sam Villa and team here.  Including “Mannequin Mondays,” “Transformation Tuesdays,” and “Wellness Wednesdays” on Facebook @SamVillaPros and YouTube @SamVillaHair.  Quarterly “Show Must Go On” events can also be accessed on the same channels for FREE!

Credits: Lighting: @dbirling; Photo: @b.cherie_creative – Brigette Doby; Hair: @ash_hairbarbie – Ashley Brown; Model: @oyajigib – Gabriel Serrano.


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