25 April 2024

How To: Half Up Half Down Tutorial

Learn how to create an easy, whimsical half up half down style by Caralee Pridemore, Sam Villa Ambassador.

Don’t miss out, here’s a wonderful half up half down style for you to learn! The pandemic has changed style forever.  Dress codes are out the door and casual chic dominates. Beauty on the other hand is having a moment, because fabulous hair and makeup elevate any outfit. In honor of the changing times, Caralee Pridemore, Sam Villa Ambassador @caraleestyles, shares an easy half up half down style posh enough for a party or wedding, yet chill enough for a Zoom meeting or grab and go meal.

How To: Half Up Half Down

1. Prep hair by blow drying with a Sam Villa Signature Series Thermal Round Brush 1.5”.

2. Take 1” sections all over head and compress with a Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron about 4 fingers down from the root to build a strong foundation for a lasting style.

3. Starting at the crown, backcomb down about 2” to create additional volume at the root.

4. Take two small sections of hair from the left, twist and tunnel pin towards the center. Repeat on other side. Lightly pinch and pull apart twists to slightly create a soft effortless look.

5. Use a Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand 1” to create alternate beach waves leaving the ends straight.  Pull hair apart and fluff out pieces randomly for a more causal feel.

6. Take a horizontal section near the occipital bone, create a soft bun and pin at the root. Gently pull at the bun to pancake or expand it.

7. Apply AIIR Smoothing Cream and Jade Hair Oil for a frizz free style and to create more dimension on highlighted hair (can be applied before and after curling).

8. Pull with fingers and run a comb through random sections for a soft natural look.

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