11 December 2023

Team Well-Being: Simon Hill of Sesh Hairdressing

Simon Hill is the owner of SESH Hairdressing; as such he has always placed a lot of focus on Team Well-Being . He is very conscious that mental health is just as important as physical health.

“All members of the SESH family know they can approach me about anything. I have a very much open door policy which works for us,” explains Simon.

“For several years, we have held an annual Team Well-Being Week; we dedicate a whole week to our mental health and wellbeing. I have worked with Pilates experts, nutrition companies, exercise professionals, healing experts and more to provide sessions for the team to explore their mental health and ensure we are all healthy. The team are so appreciative of this; it not only encourages us to look inwards at our personal mental Well-Being but also find compassion and empathy for team members who may be struggling a little. It is a great programme that we will most definitely continue post lockdown.

“Since 2020, we have faced extremely difficult times. We have a responsibility to support our team members. I believe the only way to do this is to understand their point of view and listen to them. Often people just need someone to listen to them and to really hear what they are saying. Open lines of communication will help your team members come to you with any issues. Otherwise, they may allow things to fester and potentially become more dangerous. Ensure that your team know they have your full support and they can access you on a one to one basis to discuss anything at anytime.

Work as One to Achieve Goals

“I believe team work helps us ensure the Well-Being of all our team members. We will inevitably have to work longer hours to provide appointments for all our clients. By working as a team we can support each other and work as one to achieve our goal of fitting all clients as efficiently as possible. Again communication is key to this, we must encourage people to speak out if they are feeling the pressure to be too much and we must allow them an open space in which to voice this.

“Little things such as introducing things such as a quiet space for staff to take a short break could help to ensure Team Well-Being. At SESH, the team can pop outside for a few minutes between clients to gather their thoughts and I think this works well. Perhaps daily morning meetings could work for your team too and allow them to share their thoughts. This would help to identify any potential issues and again reinforce the open line of communication.

“Whatever you feel works for your team is what’s best. As long as we are treating each other with respect and kindness that’s all that matters.”


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