23 May 2024

Introducing NUWAVE by Goldwell

NUWAVE is a breakthrough in-salon semi-permanent shape change service that makes gorgeous waves while beautifying hair.

Goldwell introduces NUWAVE, a revolutionary, new, in-salon semi-permanent shape change service that effortlessly creates cascading waves, while leaving hair feeling truly as good as it looks. Whether they are bouncy or free and flowing, from the runways to the street to the red carpet, sexy waves are all the rage and now thanks to Goldwell NUWAVE easily to achieve.

NUWAVE makes gorgeous waves possible every day by giving you control and total freedom of styling so spending hours with a blow dryer, curling iron, hot rollers and/ or crimping iron is a thing of the past.  Designed to provide customizable waves on demand, this revolutionary in-salon service lays the groundwork to enable you to effortlessly achieve perfect waves every day.

How it Works: Goldwell’s innovative Smart Control Bond System ingeniously stop the waving process once hair reaches its desired shape so you get the wave you want, along with supremely healthy hair feel.

The 4-step, in-salon service includes: 

  1. NUWAVE 1 PREP CREAM is applied to gently soften only a minimum amount of  bonds within the hair.
  2. NUWAVE 2 SHAPING LOTION activates those softened bonds while promoting a controlled shift into the desired shape.
  3. NUWAVE 3 REPLENISHING SERUM works to rebuild the integrity of hair strands, infusing them with keratin, amino-acids and Panthenol.
  4. NUWAVE 4 LOCK-IN FLUID locks the bonds to seal in waves for up to three months.

When used in conjunction with the Goldwell System Protector, NUWAVE can even create beautiful waves on damaged and/or bleached hair

To get the look at-home: Try the new Goldwell StyleSign Curls & Waves Soft Waver designed to create natural-looking waves with easy movement.

For more information visit www.goldwell.com


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