21 May 2024

The Bixie cut: the hottest trend this winter

The Bixie combines the length of the shorts cuts typical of the pixie with the silhouette of the bob, creating looks that sport the best of both masculine and feminine flair, even proving to be very sexy.

With a sophisticated finish or a part

This slicked back wet look evokes a typically tomboyish flair. “This cut takes on a different personality depending on how you style it. Apply gel and letting it take its own form is absolutely modern and audacious. We can also change the look, making it even more suggestive, if we comb it to one side or back with the same wet finish,” suggests Raquel Saiz of Salón Blue di Raquel Saiz di Torrelavega (Cantabria, Spain).

A bixie and plenty of waves

A cascade of curls. You pick: with or without a fringe? “The rounded contours of the bixie cut make it one of the looks of the moment. They are also very versatile. We can gather hair to one side or on both, leaving the curls on top to create a faux crest,” explains Rafael Bueno of Rafael Bueno Peluqueros in Malaga.

The beat of different drum

The elegance is perfected with out-of-the-box details. “With this cut the neck and sides are lengthened. The same happens with the upper locks and adds body and volume to the cut, that we can further highlight by using a brush or volumizing products, if the hair is healthy. I suggest combing the ends slightly outward to keep it looking fresh,” says Felicitas Ordás of Felicitas Hair of Mataró (Barcelona).

Simple and Chic

The simple lines are always those that obtain the best results. “It’s a very 1990s-2000 cut, brimming with femininity. The longish side fringe works with most faces and can be very sensual. And this look can be enhanced with accessories like clips or pins,” suggests Manuel Mon of Manuel Mon Estilistas in Oviedo.


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