2 March 2024

Charley Tuck: not your dad’s barber!

Charley Tuck creates contemporary classics for today’s men, reflecting individual styles and fashion statements. Definitely not your dad’s barber!

First of all, we can glean from this collection that Charley Tuck of VannStudio in Seattle, Washington is definitely not your dad’s barber! Most likely, some of us remember our fathers and brothers going to the local barber shop for a trim or cut. But nowadays, guys are less interested in simple “cookie-cutter” looks and are aiming more for “head-turning”. These changes have been spurring professionals like Charley Tuck to observe the new direction the men’s barbering industry is headed. What conclusions has Tuck come to? “I see more and more individuals stepping outside of their comfort zones. They are striving to incorporate a blend of different styles. Classic silhouettes with modern lines, more texture, and bold colors stand out amongst the men who rely on more traditional classics. These young men are ushering in a new era of self care and expression.

This collection takes its cue from “The Wolf of Wall Street”. “It started with the overly chunky suits of the 80s/90s,” says Charley Tuck. “There was an almost chaotic and reckless ambition young adults trying to make their mark on the business world. In contrast, today they conform when necessary, but insist on always remaining true to themselves.” observes Tuck.

Indeed, men’s barbering and grooming have evolved notably over recent years. The men’s barbering looks achieved by Charley Tuck in this splendid collection reflects the epitome of this evolution. To this view, brands are focusing increasingly on product lines and tools that specifically target the changing needs of manscaping. Moreover, barbers and hairstylists are developing new techniques day by day.

Photo Credits

Hair: Charley Tuck Vann Studio Seattle, WA
Photo: David Rossa Denver, CO
Make-up: Vann Studio Team Seattle, WA
Production & Styling: Lisa Vann & Charlie Price
Products: Eufora and Eufora Hero men’s styling products. 


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