23 February 2024

Are you looking for a different sort of bob? Why not try the tucked bob?

You can never go wrong when you decide to update your look, especially when it is a bob. Better yet… try a tucked bob!

From France to Italy, via Germany and the United States, all of them have discovered a new trend: the tucked bob. What makes it so special? And what distinguishes it from all the other variants of the timeless cut that has already been around for over a century? The tucked bob is definitely shorter than the long bob or the flat iron bob (aka flob), that were our faves for the past summer.

What makes the tucked bob different?

The front locks are what makes it so special. The ends are a bit shorter, slightly layered, and styled differently than the rest of the hair. The result? Super modern. The rest of the hair usually reaches the chin, meaning that if you want to follow this trend you must sacrifice a few centimeters of hair, but especially if your hair grows quickly, it is definitely worth trying the tucked bob.

Why “tucked”?

The innovative feature of this look is that the shorter locks at the front can be neatly mixed into the longer hair. So they are “tucked” under.

Choose the tucked bob if…

If every hairstyle is perfect for accenting one facial feature, the tucked bob absolutely highlights the cheekbones. Moreover, with this bob, hair looks more voluminous, making it the perfect option for fine or somewhat thin hair.

The styling could not be easier. You can wear this version of the smooth bob, neatly waved, or even tousled or with a kinda’ rock look. And the part that can be either on the side or in the middle. Many bob fans adore pulling their hair behind the ear, making the cut super casual. In this case, it is important for the bob to have a good grip. You can get grip with a styling mousse applied to the hair after washing or with a texture spray. Especially in autumn and winter it’s best to use a spray that reduces humidity and the resulting frizz. If you like shine, you can always counts on a good hair oil.


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