18 May 2024

10 trends to keep an eye on: women’s 2022 hair cuts

The second year of the pandemic is almost behind us, yet in spite of the difficulties, hairdressing continues is evolution through a series of innovative hair trends. The static tendencies are only an illusion. Some trends that define the forthcoming women’s hair trends for 2022 have already taken hold. So here is a round-up of the 10 trends to keep an eye on so you can decide in time for your next salon appointment.

The longish bob

Nothing anti-conformist, or is it? The lockdown enabled us to feel comfortable even with a more casual look. Loose lengths and the long bob might seem like the discovery of hot water. Indeed, these two styles should theoretically be opposites. For example, lovers of short hair will find the length they have always wanted in the longer bob, but without exaggerating. On the other hand, those who love long hair will perceive the bob as a first stop towards a potentially shorter cut. And the casual styling provides freedom from a strict maintenance routine.

Smooth hair like in the Nineties

There’s lots of nostalgia for the Nineties in the air. No doubt about it. And the proof lies in the silky smooth looks being seen on celebrities during red carpets events. Get this look with a flat-iron smooth or, if you have the skills, even with the right brush. Remember that when you use the iron you need a heat protection product to keep your hair silkier and to protect it from heat damage. Among the iconic celebrities sporting this look is Naomi Campbell, who never fails to show off her long, shiny mane.

The French bob

This year it was all the rage! It combines the evergreen success of the bob with styling that is a bit messy – a bit chic. We saw this everywhere this winter. This is why we are keeping an eye on the French bob  and continue to suggest it for next year as well.

The spiky bun revival

Always from the Nineties hair look archives, the 10 trends to keep an eye on include the spiky bun. This is essentially a high chignon with spiky “cowlicks” that encircle it. While the styling is super smooth, the chignon itself is small. But it is also eye-catching because it offers an alternative to the messy style that is in vogue this year.

Crested coifs

One of the most aggressive of the 10 trends to keep an eye on for women’s hair cuts in 2022 ’is also a reinterpretation of the crest with a punk flair. If you are a bit less of a rebel than you used to be, it is still a courageous choice and not for everyone.

Rebellious hair by choice

The messy style was very popular in 2021 and will continue to be so next year because it can be adapted to different cuts and different lengths. Take note not to think that messy is synonymous with no maintenance. On the contrary! These cuts need to be trimmed regularly and specific products help to keep hair healthy and shiny.

What’s the lop?

One of the myriad variations of the bob coming into its own is the lop, or a shorter cut bob but still longer than a crop. Open to many variations on a theme, it can become the final step before daring to go short-short. It’s very versatile thanks to messy styling, a full fringe, and layered cut, so one of the 10 trends to keep an eye on.

Here comes Foilayage!

A technique perfected by the expertise of Toni&Guy. It combines the precision of highlights with the creativity of balayage. As a result, hair has a multidimensional effect, shaded, and sun-kissed.

The contemporary shag

The shag won over our hearts as much as the bob did. Thanks to its versatility and strong personality. It can even be super sexy with a fringe. All good reasons for it resisting as one of the 10 trends to keep an eye on. The secret lies in finding the right length for your face and the best color for highlighting dimensions.

Forget-me-not pink

Pink has become the new blonde. It is no longer a crazy color like some others, it is no longer a passing trend, but rather a standard hue. One of the 10 trends to keep an eye on! Moreover, the celebs of the moment, like the singer Anne-Marie, and even Madonna have joined the club. So we can be certain that we will continue to see it in 2022.

The wolf cut

And among the 10 trends to keep an eye on for women’s cuts in 2022 we can’t leave out the wolf cut, half way between a shag and the mullet. This is a complex cut from a technical viewpoint and somewhat selective. So be advised! It won’t work for everyone. But this is also why it represents a particular trend that Estetica thinks is one of the 10 trends to keep an eye on through spring (spoiler: it can work for Him, too).


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