21 May 2024

The Égalité Collection by La Barbería de Oliver

Society fought fiercely throughout history to claim the right to equality; that demand is what inspires The Égalité Collection. Each model also symbolises an area of conquest.

First in The Égalité Collection is Jorge, with his neat and also aristocratic quiff; he represents the French Revolution – the first step in what made us all free and equal.

Cheru, with his disparate lengths, makes a reference to slavery. The X on the mouth links him to Malcolm X, but also to the fact that the slaves’ voices were never able to express themselves verbally.

Harry has the image of the kiss on the Berlin Wall. His mullet has pink tips, these represents the lack of freedom of expression before the wall finally came down.

The last model in The Égalité Collection, Fernando, represents the power of diversity; the freedom of everyone to sexually orientate themselves wherever they fell most comfortable. In addition, the message becomes stronger with the presence of watercolours, with a technique of spontaneous realism. This shows the strong link between the art of painting and the art of hairdressing. These were created by Mokart.

Hair: La Barbería de Oliver @Salvador_Oliver__ @labarberiadeoliver , Hair Assistant: Monica Moreno @monica_moreno_c , Photography: Juan Francisco Pagan @juanfranciscopagan , Retouching: Javier Villalabeitia @javiervillalabeitia , Make-up: Monica Moreno @monica_moreno_c , Styling: Salvador Oliver @Salvador_Oliver__ , Spontaneous Realism Artist: Raquel Moreno @mokart_raquel


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