5 March 2024

How to Create Glam Bridal Waves

Learn how to create wondrous, glam bridal waves with staying power, by Lindsey Olson, Sam Villa Ambassador.

Glam waves are currently a very popular bridal style.  And, although they look soft and effortless, it is truly one of the most difficult styles to master. Lindsey Olson, Sam Villa Ambassador @lindsey.marie.olson, gives pointers for combining product, heat, tension and cooling to create glam waves with maximum hold – watch here.  

Glam Bridal Waves Highlights:

  • Dry moussing creates a strong foundation for long-lasting style. Apply Redken Guts 10 onto dry hair and quickly dry with a Sam Villa Vision Blow Dryer and paddle brush. See demo here.
  • Wands with longer barrels make working on longer hair much easier because there is more surface area for heat distribution and tension. Try using a Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand 1″ to wand and wrap hair with high tension into a 3D curl. Then pin it on base to cool to create a bouncy long-lasting curl.
  • When dressing a curl set, do it in stages. Start by coating hands with Redken Shine Flash and raking through hair to break it up, then use a comb and finally a finishing brush for shaping and polishing. Have no fear, the products used to set the wave will help curls last. Leaving aluminum clips (have a looser grip/do not leave marks) in the ridges between waves for at least 20 minutes, or even up until the last minute, will also help. A can of hairspray can be used to help define ridges.
  • For the smoothest shiniest waves, use a boar bristle brush like the Sam Artist Series Polishing Paddle Brush versus a paddle brush with larger pins which can leave marks in the hair and cannot deliver as much sheen.  

PRO TIP: “Since hair can create shadows in images, crafting a side part and pinning one side back is great for brides because it opens up at least one side of their face for more photography options,” adds Olson.

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