21 May 2024

Kao earns a Triple-A CDP rating in 3 categories

Kao earns a Triple-A CDP rating in across three categories for the second year in a row.

Kao earns the triple-A CDP rating! These ratings certify the efforts Kao Corporation made in its sustainability initiatives involving climate change, forests, and water security. The list is compiled thanks to a global survey of businesses and an evaluation of their activities. 12,000 firms were evaluated for the ‘A List’, but only 14 won inclusion across the three categories. Kao has been part of the Climate Change ‘A List’ for the three times. Instead, this is the second time for the Forests ‘A List’. However, Kao is proudest about being on the Water Security ‘A List’ for the fifth time.

Dave Muenz, Executive Officer in charge of ESG at Kao Corporation, commented, “Receiving a triple-A score in CDP‘s rankings two years in a row is a great honor. This is a huge motivation for Kao to push even further to build and grow a purposeful business and help people live a more sustainable lifestyle, a Kirei Lifestyle.

About the Kirei Lifestyle Plan

All in all, it is no surprise that Kao has earned the triple-A CDP rating. Indeed, over the past 130 years, Kao has been working to improve people’s lives. They focus on this goal by helping them realize more sustainable lifestyles—a Kirei Lifestyle. The Japanese word ‘kirei’ describes something that is clean, well-ordered and beautiful, all at the same time.

As a result, the entire Kao Group founded its ESG strategy on this concept. The Kirei Lifestyle Plan came into being back in April 2019. The intent was to convey the vision of a gentler and more sustainable way of living.

The ultimate goal? By 2030, Kao aims to empower at least 1 billion people to enjoy more beautiful lives. Moreover, 100% of its products will leave a full lifecycle environmental footprint that science says our natural world can safely absorb. “The company has also made some big decisions from last year. We believe these policies have helped us earn this recognition,” continues Muenz. “These include committing to going beyond carbon zero to carbon negative by 2050. We are also launching programs for our palm oil supply chain.

By integrating ESG into the core of its company management, Kao Corporation intends to drive business growth and better serve consumers and society through its enhanced products and services. With this socially conscious ethos, Kao will create a Kirei Life for all — providing care and enrichment for the life of all people and the planet.

Please visit the Kao Group website for updated information. https://www.kao.com/global/en/


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