24 May 2024

Christmas 2021 Hairstyles: dazzling dos

Don’t miss these Christmas 2021 Hairstyles to catch everyone’s attention during the days when we change moods and feel like revolutionizing our looks.

Who doesn’t love Christmas Hairstyles looks? During the holidays we want to “dress up”. Creating different looks can cheer us up and enable us to show a different version of ourselves. And these Christmas 2021 Hairstyles confirm this rule. The trends encourage us not only to experiment, but also to opt for elaborate hairstyles that take time and preparation. This proves to others that our image is as important to us as is taking care of ourselves.

The updo

Updos are no longer “messy” or informal. Among the Christmas 2021 Hairstyles, the most popular are those that require professional intervention and a more complex process to create. We don’t want hair to appear natural or too casual. We prefer it to look “set” because we need to look good. This indicates a very clear intention: we take care of our appearance and, therefore, we invest time in doing so. “The updos are intended to surprise us, to be unpredictable. That’s why there are often multiple techniques combined in the same hairlook. Braids are protagonists in buns and pony tails. Hair is shinier and with a precise finish. Fringes, both real or fake, but pushed to the side, complete the look. Elegance is not incompatible with originality,” affirms Charo García, of Ilitia Beauty & Science.


Even textures are undergoing a transformation process. On one hand, emphasizing the characteristics, but also modifying them, as least partially. We add shine, we increase volume, we finish with a brush, we use irons. The techniques and the tools are there to obtain the most from our hairlook. “The 1990s and 2000s, and even the 1970s, are decades that can give us ideas and inspirations. The ends are combed inside and out. Once again we resort to curlers and blow-dryers to give hair plenty of volume and movement. Updos and half-updos rise towards the crown, modifying our appearance. Once again, we want to manifest our personal power through our image,” says Raquel Saiz, of Salón Blue di Raquel Saiz.

Go to a pro!

For a bit, “DIY” found followers everywhere. However, we have entered a new phase of re-evaluating the expert’s work, the specialist. People are seeking out the skills of those who have the knowledge and experience to enhance our hair and make it shine. And we can see this in these Christmas 2021 Hairstyles, where we find very elaborate updos that require masterful skills. The goal is to turn heads. “We are getting back to very complex styling jobs, above all in updos. They are very elaborate, but without weighing down hair, exalting the work of the hairdressers who create them. Updos used to be limited to weddings, but today they are requested for all types of events and occasions. The way we see ourselves and the way we want to present ourselves to others has changed,” says Susana Esquivel, a trainer with Antonio Eloy Escuela Profesional.

Long and luscious

Long, thick hair is trending. For Christmas 2021 Hairstyles we return to the importance of hair in constructing a message. An idea and the expression of an identity can lead to personal empowerment. Therefore, long hair grows even longer and the need for volume becomes more extreme. “The crown is raised to design a new, more lion-esque silhouette. Hair cascades in an even more exaggerated and theatrical fashion, without compromising on style. This is why we opt for extensions to help, even if just temporarily. You want a look that will become a memory. It’s all about getting noticed, and not looking boring. Hair is given a shiny finish, with oils or gel, which simulates a wet look,” suggests Jose Garcia, of Jose Garcia Peluqueros.


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