15 June 2024

Capsule collection by HCF

Artistic phenomenon that awakens style in this capsule collection by HCF (Haute Coiffure Française).

Imagined and created by Jean-Baptiste Santens under the artistic direction of Christophe Gaillet, this Capsule collection by HCF leaves room for style and pure creativity.

Mainly inspired by Japanese culture, more precisely Geishas, ​​Jean-Baptiste Santens has put its growing know-how at the service of Haute Coiffure Française by creating with absolute mastery, three artistic looks with resplendent volumes and colors. 

Three Geometries

Extremely well-defined line work for the first two looks: a plunging bob following the chin line at an angle with an impression of a double cut with color contrasts for the first. The second features a straight cut to the front and dropped to the back. Conversely, on the third look, a less linear cut with a real Shag, clearly defined with finesse.

Three Colorimetries

An extremely strong color work that brings even more depth and dimension to the cut. Blonde with hot pink highlights, sky blue paired with deep black with a Tie and inverted Dye. The result is an effect of sunlight on the planet Earth, passing through a splendid gray and amplified by an even more incredible geometric shape. This Capsule collection by HCF awakens style.

Photo Credits | Capsule Collection by HCF

Photos: Pawel Wilag, Kamil Cichon
Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska
Production: MK Production


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