21 May 2024

Winter Braids: 3 How Tos by Sabrina Dijkman

During the winter months, the weather can be harsh the hair and can cause damage and dryness. Due to this, it’s a great idea to recommend to clients some Winter Braids options, so that they step away from the heated styling tools during winter as much as possible,” explains Sabrina Dijkman, Alterna Europe Ambassador.

“Instead, experiment with hairstyles that will protect their hair from the weather and further heat damage. Below are my top 3 Winter Braids and how to create them for client’s looking to experiment this season and step away from heated styling hair looks, all of which are also perfect as we quickly head into the festive party season!”


Sometimes the simplest looks can be the prettiest and that’s definitely true when it comes to this look. A classic full Dutch braid can be created in under five minutes and looks effortlessly chic. To create the look:

Firstly apply some serum or a styling cream like Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture CC Cream in to the client’s hair to allow it to be more manageable and also to give the hair a gorgeous shine to allow the braid to really stand out and glimmer.

Section the hair into two to create a top layer and bottom layer

With the top layer, section this into three then take the right hand strand and cross this underneath the middle strand (always cross underneath for a Dutch braid! With a French braid you cross over on top).

Repeat this step but with the left strand under the middle strand and continue this technique pulling hair into the strands as you work down to the end of the hair before securing with an elastic. Don’t be too tight when creating your braid, as you want it to look more effortless in appearance.

To give the hair that thicker, bulkier like appearance, gently pull at the braided sections, creating thickness and giving the braid softness.

Pull out some pieces of hair around the face for further softness and to help frame the face.

Finish by spritzing some light hair spray through the hair like Alterna’s My Hair. My Canvas. City Slay Shielding Hairspray for hold and extra shine, as well as to tame any frizz.


Ponytails are always on trend but I love taking them up a notch and giving them a quirky and unique finish with the inclusion of braids! This look is very playful and perfect for client’s who want to add some oomph to their regular ponytail. To create the look:

Start by spritzing some Dry Shampoo like Alterna’s My Hair. My Canvas. Another Day Dry Shampoo through the hair to give it softness and a little added volume before creating the look

Part the hair into two equal sections and flip one section over the other taking hold of the right section with your left hand and left section with your right hand

Loop one section of the hair through the hole you have created in the hair to create an almost knot like affect. I love to work with larger sections so that the look has a softer finish

Repeat creating the braid and looping a few times and then use a hair pin to secure the braided section into place

Use a small section of hair and wrap this around the hair pin to create the ponytail, ensuring any ends are tucked up into the ponytail and secured in place

To add some texture to your ponytail spritz in a small amount of Alterna’s Caviar Professional Styling Texture Spray. This can also be misted lightly over the rest of the hair to add a light hold


Much like ponytails, buns are another classic updo that will never go out of style. However, by adding braids to our buns we can give them an instantly more romantic look and feel and pretty embellishment for the season.

Before creating this look it’s beneficial to gently backcomb a section of the hair underneath to create a slight cushion of height before brushing this over for a smooth finish. You may also want to spritz in some texture spray such as the Alterna My Hair. My Canvas. Any Way Texture Spray to provide further texture to the backcombed area and more body within the hair

You can then create your 3 strand Dutch braid as outlined in look number 1!

Once you’ve finished creating your Dutch braid, flip the tail inside the hair to create the upstyle and secure this into place using hair pins

Bring out some pieces of hair around the face and lightly curl these with the heated styling tools to give the look a little more glamour. Although this look is super quick to create, it will give the impression it took much longer!

Finish with a hairspray with hold to keep the hairstyle in place all day and night like Alterna’s Caviar Professional Styling High Hold Finishing Hairspray.


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