11 December 2023

Drying your hair: 10 secrets for doing it right

This important part of your hair routine is often underestimated: drying your own hair. How can you get it right? Luca Piattelli shares 10 absolute secrets.

We often dry our hair in a hurry, using the wrong tools and without paying attention to fundamental elements. We tend to underestimate the importance of this step in our hair routine, but drying your hair is fundamental. How can you get it right? Luca Piattelli, hairstylist and fashion designer, owner of a salon and Wella partner in the province of Pistoia, Italy, shares 10 absolute secrets for getting a perfect blow-dry.

1. Preparing hair for drying

The most important step is rinsing thoroughly to eliminate residues that can complicate the drying process. When preparing your hair for a blow-dry, we always advise drying with a towel and using a leave-in mask for dry and processed hair, or spray-on oils or protective creams to coat thinner hair with a film that enables you to dry your hair perfectly, leaving it shiny and fully of body.

Adjust the heat of your blow-dryer, calibrating the distance and power of the air flow, which varies for different hair types. Move the the blow-dryer, taking into account the specific characteristics and the look you want to achieve.

2. Drying your hair: How to get it right in a hurry

If your hair is long, one way is to bring all your hair to one side onto a shoulder and orient the air flow from above downward along the entire length. Then repeat on the other side. Instead, another methods is to start drying your hair with your head down. Direct the air flow always from above and run your fingers through your hair. This speeds up drying without leaving your hair disheveled.

3. How to dry your hair with a blow-dryer and brush

Brushes and products must be selected according to the type of hair and the look one wants to achieve. For a smooth style thermal brushes tame hair more easily. The bigger the brush, the smoother the final effect. Those with bristles take a longer time, but perfectly seal the hair cuticle, guaranteeing extraordinary shine. Curly hair, more often than not, doesn’t need the help of a brush, which in any case can be used more effectively only with the experience of a professional hairstylist.

For drying your hair with a smooth look, products with a lightweight texture like serums or oils are better. For a wavy or curly look, depending on the types of wave you want, it is better to opt for richer products.”

4. How to dry curly hair

After shampooing, pat excess water out of curly hair with a towel. Indeed, it is best to apply a prepping product on your hair while its is still relatively wet. The best in this case are mousses, oils or revitalizing lotions formulated especially to maintain the shape and bounce of curls. Apply strand by strand, twisting each one in your hands to create curls and softness. The ideal drying method for curly hair is the diffuser. It makes drying your hair more natural without opening up the curl excessively. Otherwise it may lose compactness. If you don’t have a diffuser, I recommend using a blow-drying without the nozzle at the minimum spead and hottest temperature.

5. How to dry smooth hair

For smooth hair apply a moisturizing prep product and opt for a large-diameter brush to prevent unwanted waves in the hair. For more volume at the base, direct the brush upwards. To reduce volume, brush downward.

6. How to dry fine hair 

“For fine hair it is important to choose the right product. For example, a volumizing product in mousse or spray form will moisturize without weighing hair down and increase manageability. I recommend a smaller diameter of brush, because it boosts volume at the base for a longer-lasting style.

7. Drying your hair. How to get it right for a natural effect

Instead of using brushes, use your hands. This is perfect if you have wavy or curly hair, because it highlights its natural movement. Choose a prepping product formulated for the hair structure. For example, an anti-frizz to control a disheveled look, or a volumizer for very thin hair. Always apply the product after shampooing while hair is still damp. Start half way down the length towards the tips and comb from the scalp towards the tips.

8. What if my hair is colored?

In this case, it’s best to dry hair after carefully shampooing and conditioning with products specifically formulated for colored hair. These help to maintain the pigment of the color while keeping hair healthy by moisturizing.”

9. How to avoid split ends and fly-aways

Just use the right quantity of shampoo. Washing with too much shampoo can dehydrate hair at the tips and increase static electricity during drying. Moisturizing and nourishing hair with the right conditioner and prepping products will keep fly-aways away!

To prevent split ends, just follow a few simple rules:

  • always apply heat protection on the tips before drying hair
  • never hold the mouth of the blow-drying close to the tips
  • never pass the flat iron repeatedly on the tips
  • always brush dry hair delicately, with soft-bristled brushes. Avoid stiff bristles, which should only be used during blow-drying.”

10. The secret for a long-lasting blow-out

Respect the nature of your hair when choosing the most suitable technique and products, from washing to styling. Even the final touch – hairspray, gel, or wax – can influence your picture perfect look. A selection of good quality products will always make the difference. Always take your hairdresser’s advice!


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