21 April 2024

Hair color: 2021 winter trends

Every ending represents a new beginning. Vacations end and we look forward to returning to school and job routines. After a moment of regaining our bearings, we are now asking ourselves how to make the winter season more pleasant. Maybe new activities and interests. And obviously with a new hair look.

Thinking about a new hair color, 2021 winter trends are promising the comeback of a more natural mood. Estetica asked Ivan Bucci, a hairstylist specialized in color with based in Salerno, Italy, and founder of Nook Studio. His take? “Earth and nature are taking front and centre stage for the coming winter season. Extreme lightening is giving way to saturated colors and super gloss. There will be a comeback of brown, emphasized by soft tones that are both warm and lush. Blondes will become creamy, refined, and warm, even hot! Think Kristen Stewart in Venice. Finally, when it comes to red/copper shades, hair color 2021 will be Gold copper”. So an overwhelming desire for natural looks, even if “clients will still be asking for crazy colors” specifies Ivan. “They will be less extreme: but still lots of pastels and metallic hues.”

In this return to a more genuine coif, among color techniques Ivan announces that “classic freehand balayage will always be a must, because it’s versatile and quick. From Russia, we have seen the arrival of Airtouch, a somewhat complex technique for the use of the hair dryer, but it gives incredible results. The freshness and saturation of blonde are the words that characterize this technique. For a more luminous and high-definition effect, there is always face framing, a technique that is quicker than the previous one, framing and illuminating the contours of the face.

When we speak of color trends, we generally think of women. But for 2021 winter trends will there be something new for men? Ivan confirms this: “Sport, music, and entertainment suggest that more and more men color their hair… But more artistically, very artistic! So a big YES! for crazy colors for men”.


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