26 March 2023

Mermaid Collection: Hair by Anna Barroca

We find the origin of life in the sea. For this reason, and perhaps because of its immensity, we attribute fantastic stories to it. These reflect its great power – hence the Mermaid Collection.

Beneath the surface, the vibrant colours of algae and corals hide; but the fish seem dressed in scales of an almost magical chromatic intensity. The mythological figure of mermaids, as depicted in the Mermaid Collection; half woman, half fish – reminds us of where we come from, as well as our eternal connection with the sea. Without it, we would not exist.

For its creator, Anna Barroca, “Mermaid” is a reflection on the destructive attitude of humans against the seas and oceans, an attitude that it is also against the human race. Each look vindicates the beauty of the colours of marine fauna and flora. But, at the same time, it is a wish that climate change does not turn the sea and our very existence grey. That is why it becomes a plea to defend life, protecting the sea.

Hair: Anna Barroca @annabarroca , Photography: David Arnal @davidarnalteam , Make-up: Anna González @iamlaflaca , Styling: Anna Barroca @annabarroca , Models: Belén @beelen_v13 and Irina Bon @irinabon21


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