10 December 2023

Leeza Gibbons: caring for caregivers

Emmy-winning journalist, speaker, and author Leeza Gibbons talks with Winn Claybaugh about caring for caregivers by founding Leeza’s Care Connection.

As a TV journalist, speaker, and author, Leeza Gibbons realizes she has succeeded in living the life of her dreams. She loves telling the stories of people’s lives as her career attests. Ironically, her biggest story happened when her mother got Alzheimer’s disease, like her mother before her. “By watching these important women show up with such grace and dignity as they battled the thief of memories,” Leeza says, “I learned that there is great power in facing our fears. And there is great humanity when someone opens up to receive the help of others.”

When her mom asked her to tell the story of their family’s journey and to “make it count,” Leeza created Leeza’s Care
. One objective was to make sure those who are forgetting will not be forgotten. But more importantly, her goal was to honor the courageous caregivers who stand by someone they love.

Leeza Gibbons is an Emmy winner, New York Times best-selling author, and a Rose Parade host. She even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But her favorite title (aside from wife and mom) is storyteller. So during her interview with Winn Claybaugh in 2004, she told the story of how her dad learned to summon his strength when he cared for her mom until her death. Now, through Leeza’s Care Connection, Leeza learns from many others who have found courage they never knew they had. “I am profoundly grateful for this blessing and honor,” she says. “It is a treasure in my life, a daily reminder of the power of the human spirit and a great story to tell.”

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