26 March 2023

Chubby Design for salon style and comfort

No more angles and straight lines. The latest furnishing trend is Chubby Design: a soft, rounded style for a reassuring and super-comfy look in your salon.

They look like they just popped out of a pencil sketch by Miyazaki, the famous Japanese anime designer. They are irresistibly colorful, puffy, and plump. This is Chubby Design, the hottest trend in furnishing taking the globe by storm. Angles and straight lines disappear, giving free rein to curves, rounded shapes, and bright or pastel colors.

Decades ago, there were some proponents of Chubby Design. For example, we all remember the famous Gomitolo armchair by Gaetano Pesce or the equally celebrated Camaleonda divan by Mario Bellini.

The success of Chubby Design can be associated with the need for reassurance and protection. The pandemic lockdown and resulting stress left us with some insecurities. And sinking into the embrace of a soft armchair or being welcomed by furniture that looks like Minions can definitely boost our mood. This is a need that hairdressing salons are expert in meeting. It’s built into the services they offer and the salon design image. This is why Estetica has selected some inspirational examples of Chubby Design that would work perfectly in a hair salon.


Let’s start with the divans by Misha Khan, a puffy puzzle of colors and textures, each one unique. Perfect for a stress-free waiting area that is joyful and brimming with energy.

Instead, the armchair by Andrés Reisinger is soft and low, recalling the embrace of a huge, loving teddy bear. With an impressive presence, these lend any setting a touch of the surreal.

You know those typically rigid wooden chairs where people were reluctant to sit? Thank goodness Studio Twentyseven thought about converting into cushy seating.

The same Studio found the soft side of coffee tables as well. The one in this photo would be perfect for a lounge where customers can leaf through hairdressing magazines while sipping coffee or tea.

Instead, here is an original way of resolving the retail display dilemma. Try out this two-tier wooden console by Gustaf Westman.

Maybe you’re looking for small light points with a futuristic flair. Here are some proposals by Jumbo. They can stand on the floor, sit on a shelf, or punctuate a coffee table.

As an alternative, a chandelier-installation hybrid gave rise to the cloud by Studio Sain, which adds a lighthearted, romantic touch to the room.


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