22 May 2024

Pulp Riot’s 2022 European Collection

Pulp Riot hair color focused on global diversity and inclusivity to inspire their international team to create their 2022 European Collection. And Estetica got exclusive interviews… and three simple words!

Cross Studio in the fashion capital of Milan was the setting for the Pulp Riot photo shoot for the 2022 European collection. ADI hosted an international team of Pulp Riot artists and other European suppliers and provided photographic services. And Estetica journalists were on hand to glean the inspiration and concept of the collection. They also asked each stylist to define it in just three simple words, depending on his or her individual perception.

Each member of the European international team is bound to bring his or her own country’s influence. So Jack, Social Media Manager Pulp Riot, describes the collection as a global-local hybrid – or “Glo-cal” – something that will appeal to Europeans in general, but also reflect the local style of each country.

Jack Oles, Social Media Manager Pulp Riot

What is the concept of the new collection?

We really wanted to bring a European flair to our marketing. All of our marketing is created in-house and in Los Angeles, but in this shoot we wanted to bring the beauty of Milan and Europe and the UK and the artists from Spain and Germany and Austria and… everywhere. We really wanted to make it European, bringing the American brand to the European market.

What did each individual European team contribute to this shoot?

All of the artists are just wonderful. We have artists who specialize in creative color, in semi-permanent color, beautiful, beautiful colors. We have some beautiful blondes and beautiful brunettes. And each of them brings their own flavor to the shoot.

How did the pandemic change clients’ requests and tastes in color and impact this collection?

I think clients and people in general are willing to go a little more creative with their color. In the past, if you were going to your office job, maybe you couldn’t do pinks or purples, or what not. I think that, coming out of the pandemic, people are more willing to experiment with their hair. That’s the biggest thing we see in the States a lot. Artists are getting more creative colors in their chair and existing creative colors are wanting to push the limits even further.

Give us three words to describe this collection.

I would say bold, artistic and European.

Adam Stockton, Education Manager Pulp Riot UK

What is your role in the shoot, Adam?

We realize that the esthetic in America is very different from the European one. So my job on this shoot is to work with Jack to make sure that everything is still on brand, but that the style will appeal more to the European market. So for everything we’re doing on the shoot, I would say “Yes, this would be great for the European market,” but then Jack would follow up on that to say, And it’s still on brand also.”

What idea led to the final concept of the collection?

I think with this particular collection, the first important fact is diversity. So that we’re inclusive, to “make your world more colorful”. Color is for everybody, no matter what the texture or image you want to project. It’s very important to reflect every type of woman, from an ethnicity perspective. But it must also be inclusive in the sense that everybody looks different and that’s a good thing.

First of all we started with the models. We wanted a good mixture of models to make sure that we work on every hair texture. Then we decided on all of the different products that we have in Pulp Riot. We were deteremined that by the end of three days of shooting we’ve used all the product, but we’ve used them on the right person.

What contributions does each country’s team make to the collection from their local perspective?

Each of the artists bring something very different to the Pulp Riot 2022 European Collection. And the shoot is about everybody coming together. So everybody is involved on every single model. This means we’re upscaling all the artists while they are working on the specific look.

So for instance, on Monday, when we did the preparation day, one of the girls from Spain had never worked on Afro hair. So we gave her the model with Afro hair. First we asked the artists, “What don’t you do in your country?”. So we had a model where they could still do something crazy and learn a new skill at the same time. And we did it thanks also to the support of our Session Stylist Stephanie, who has a great experience in the big shows such us Givenchy for example. I think each of them will bring their own ideas. They would decide the combination of the shades they want to use. So the creative aspect is on them. But we do ask them to make sure we don’t end up with 10 models who all have the same hair color.

How are the European and the USA markets different?

I think when these artists all come together it’s about Pulp Riot in Europe. In America we see that people are very open to much more creative color. Instead, in some other countries in Europe, they are a little bit more reserved. So I think the objective is to convince the European market that you can have a creative color without it being incredibly extreme. Maybe something like a soft pastel shade.

How the pandemic has affected the tastes and styling choices of the clients?

I think, in this particular collection, because of Covid the models are coming with much more root growth. I think what has happened with Covid is that people realize that they were able to manage not having their hair colored as frequently in the salon. So pre-Covid, every six weeks, everybody was in the salon. Then after-Covid they came out of the pattern of not needing to do their color every six weeks.

And how has this change in attitude impacted salon services?

I suppose that one thing we have noticed is that the services are bigger, because people are coming less frequently. But also people want more low-maintenance looks, or things that look great as they fade over time. So maybe they start with deeper shades that will fade out over time. We have noticed a different sort of trend. If a client wants a pastel pink, she’s prepared to have the shade darker to start with, so that eventually it will shampoo. So her vision has changed, rather than saying “I just want a very soft pastel” she’s now saying “I don’t mind being darker, so that it lasts longer.” They’re interested in longevity and the amount of time it will last them.

Give us three words to describe this collection.

I would say Artistry, Diversity, Inclusivity.

Stephanie Anned, Session Stylist

How would you describe this collection, give us three words.

Texture, personality, individuality.

Moreno Bianchini, Pulp Riot Italia Educator

What can we expect from this collection?

The inspiration is very European, so we are expecting something that we can bring to Italy. The colors can be adapted to meet the demands of Italians for a more harmonious spirit. Colors that are truly vibrant but at the same time elegant.

These new Pulp Riot permanent and semi-permanent color lines embrace the needs of Italian clients. So colors are more elegant, more harmonious, with more refined shades. Something that can meet the needs of all women.

How has the pandemic changed the concept of the collection?

It has made us realize that it is better not to completely break away from a woman’s natural coloring. Above all, hair coloring must embrace a more vegan universe, a quality product that does not damage the hair’s structure.

Give us three words to describe this collection.

Cool, luminous, elegant.

Patrick Schraner, Pulp Riot DACH Educator

What did you bring from Switzerland to contribute to the Pulp Riot 2022 European Collection?

Zurich is quite a fashionable city and I’m from Basel, which is not very far. Everything is super-close in Switzerland. So it’s a mix of traditional and super-modern. I think that we have styles from all around the world, because we have a lot of international brands in Switzerland. We have quite a strong influence on the whole world. Then we mix it all together to make a signature Swiss style.

Give us three words to describe this collection.

It’s a hard to find three words, but I would say: international, colorful, high-end.

Cinja Csulits, Pulp Riot DACH Educator

What will be the German influence on this collection?

For me Germany will bring natural shades, natural-looking hair to the Pulp Riot 2022 European Collection. Brown tones, light blond tones, but all shades that can just grow out and still look perfect after the appointment. This is very German: to always want to look nice, while looking comfortable. It’s a casual-chic style, I think.

Give us three words to describe this collection.

My three words would be: vintage… but modern, a powerful collection.

Danny von Tuji, Pulp Riot DACH Educator

What contribution from Austria can you make to this collection?

I have a salon in Vienna, Austria and my contribution to this collection is color – LOTS of color.

Give us three words to describe this collection.

Effortless grunge beauty…

Laura May Stevens, Pulp Riot UK Educator

What contribution from the UK can you make to this collection?

I’ve come from the UK with the intention of contributing simply lots of beauty to the hair.

Give us three words to describe this collection.

Three words to describe the shoot would be: strong, unique, rock-and-roll

Pedro Pimpao, Pulp Riot UK Educator

I would use the following adjectives to describe this incredible collection: unique, different, free.

Alvaro Jiménez, Pulp Riot Spain Educator

Here are my three words: industrial, rebellious, street-like

Raquel Cruz, Pulp Riot Spain Educator

I would use the following words for this shoot: rebellious, daring, disruptive

Iorena Carbò, Pulp Riot Spain Educator

Here are my three adjectives to describe this collection: current, out-of-the-box, with personality

Photos: Andrea Guizzardi & Fabio Salmoirago


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