25 April 2024

Weave of Dawn Hair Collection by KATI SUOKAS

Finnish hairdresser Kati Suokas created “Weave of Dawn” based on household crochet. During one summer, in her cabin in the woods, her children wove for school homework. Meanwhile, the sun was filtering through the pines and covering them with a warm bronze hue.

In that bucolic moment, the inspiration for this collection was born. The hairdresser has not only woven the hair, but she has also designed and sewn the garments herself. The result transforms hair into a headdress and at the same time a complement, acquiring a new, precious, and delicate identity, but full of personality. The artisanal, the modest act of weaving, rises to a new dimension, the artistic. And this is thanks to the result and the fact that each look in Weave of Dawn is unique and unrepeatable. It is the bearer of ancient knowledge that is completely renewed and contemporary.

Hair: Kati Suokas – Glohair @kati.kampaaja, Photography: Mikko Karekivi @tikrumikko, MUA: Tiina Lamberg @studiotiinalamberg; Styling: Kati Suokas @kati.kampaaja, Model: Milla Grönstrand @milla.gronstrand, Products: Glohair – glohair.fi


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