22 June 2024

Leaf Scissors Collaboration with the FHA

In an exciting new collaboration, Leaf Scissors and the Freelance Hairdressers’ Association (The FHA) are joining forces to support the freelance hairdresser community.

The FHA is an association committed to supporting those who work alone but don’t have to feel alone. Striving to support freelance hairdressers in all areas of their business, founder Sheila Abrahams has created a place where members feel part of a community. The membership benefits range from bespoke liability insurance to exclusive discounts.

Leaf Scissors‘ mission is clear: to produce and source the highest quality hairdressing tools whilst constantly looking for ways to make both their business and the industry more sustainable. With scissors being one of the most important hairdressing tools in your kit bag, Leaf provides a high quality, sustainable and accessible option for everyone at every level.

Founder Steve McManus (above) is really happy to be partnering with the FHA; this ensures that the freelance hair sector has just as many opportunities as everyone else.

Steve says: ‘We are very excited to be working with the FHA. The freelance hairdresser community deserves to receive just as much support, if not more, than everyone else in our industry. Being able to offer the FHA members an exclusive discount and subscription on our products is fantastic. It can quite often feel that as a freelance hairdresser you are left behind; I don’t want that to be the case. It’s great that Sheila can offer this exclusive discount to members. We feel that we are supporting them, but they are helping us to make a positive impact on the environment.’

Founder of the FHA, Sheila Abrahams (above) says: ‘We are so happy to have collaborated with Leaf Scissors. The quality of the scissors is fantastic; not only do they do a fantastic subscription service, they are also offering my members a fantastic discount. What I love the most is the ethos of Leaf Scissors; for every pair of scissors sold, someone plants 10 trees – to me that is just fantastic. Not only do they have a positive impact on the hair cut itself, but they are making a difference to our environment as well.’

To keep up with the latest news follow @leafscissors and @fha_official on Instagram.

To explore the full Leaf Scissors range, product information and more head to www.leafscissors.com and for education www.leaf-academy.com. For more information on the FHA membership benefits head to www.thefha.org.uk.


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