19 June 2024

2021 Eufora Holiday Campaign: inspiring and personalized gift-giving

Focus on people- and planet-friendly philosophy. The Eufora 2021 Holiday Campaign is light on rules of purchase and excess packaging, and long on value.

The holiday season is coming up quickly and shoppers will be searching for perfect gifts for family and friends. Where can they find something sure to please, useful, and personalized for the savvy consumer? Look no further than your nearest Eufora partner salon! It’s true! This year, with the Eufora 2021 Holiday Campaign, you can customize gifts for each guest based on the recipient’s hair concerns. Moreover, for every three products purchased, customers will be gifted with a beautiful keepsake jewelry clutch that includes travel sizes of three Eufora top sellers. This gorgeous gift is ready for giving (no wrapping paper required!). And it has a value of over $55 USD

Win-Win for both salons and their customers

Moreover, the customization does not focus only on the gift recipient, but also on the salon itself. CEO and Co-founder Beth Bewley insists on working closely with the Eufora Team on the crafting of each and every campaign. Of course, the focus is always salon success. And the Eufora 2021 Holiday Campaign was no exception. The ultimate goal was to provide Eufora salons a “tool box” overflowing with business resources. For example, in addition to shelf talkers and signage, the Eufora 2021 Holiday Campaign includes a veritable treasure trove. There are things like templates for customizable signage, social media templates, event planning worksheets. There is even a built-in Believe fundraising initiative to help support Childhelp in the fight against child abuse. All in all, an effort to keep the Good Global Karma flowing!

Beyond little and lighter product packaging for a greener planet, customers will find the Believe theme interspersed throughout the Eufora 2021 Holiday Campaign. After all, a message like “Believe in the power to make a change” is sure to inspire.

A formula for success

As important as the positive messaging”, says Bewley, “was the need to provide a comprehensive Holiday Planning Guide that would act as a sort of ‘gift-wrapping’ for the Believe campaign. In the Guide we share the ‘story’ of the season and set the tone with eye-catching artwork. Next, we position promotional offers, detail the marketing tools and explain how to use them. Then we go a step further and provide a calendar marked with target activity dates to ensure that salons can execute with ease.

Some salons may feel more at home with a more traditional “boxed sets on shelf” sales philosophy. But according to Eufora salon owner, Anna Michelle Jackson-Petry, the Eufora 2021 Holday Campaign is a formula for success. “It’s really easy to goal set with these types of promotions,” Jackson-Petry observes. “It especially helps our younger team gain confidence because they have an easy dialogue supported with lots of marketing materials.

Eufora encourages salon owners to seek out year-round creativity and holiday season business building opportunities. Simple steps to take include setting clear goals, planning for maximum profitability and spicing everything up with some fun! For more information on the Believe campaign, visit the Eufora Holiday Blog. Then challenge the salon team to work together, focus on gift giving every day, and Believe something beautiful is sure to happen!


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