23 February 2024

Wella Professionals launch Color Fresh Masks

Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks launch with Mara Roszak, Wella Professionals Celebrity Stylist Ambassador, and Briana Cisneros, Wella Professionals North American Ambassador.

Available in of 11 shades, the Color Fresh Masks ($24, Wella Professionals) are zero damage, semi-permanent color depositing masks designed to maintain professional color at home. Whether you’re looking to refresh your hair color or try out a completely new look, the easy application and conditioning formula will turn any home into a salon – leaving hair feeling smoother and more moisturized. 

Wella Professionals Celebrity Stylist Ambassador Mara Roszak and Wella Professionals North American Brand Ambassador Briana Cisneros recently hosted a virtual launch party where the new Color Fresh Masks were the absolute stars. “This is a product that will strengthen the client-stylist relationship and consumers can feel confident using it at-home,” said Briana Cisneros. “This product is an absolute no brainer,” affirmed Mara Roszak – and she added: “Hair health is always a priority for me, so these color-depositing conditioning masks will stay in my kit. They give you the best of both worlds.

About Color Fresh Masks from Mara Roszak:

● You know the color is going to be beautiful because it’s coming from one of the best professional color brands and it’s one of the healthiest ways to revive and refresh hair color because of the zero-damage formula.
● The 11 semi-permanent shades range from natural to bold so you can get creative with it at no risk because they fade perfectly and leave the hair healthy.
● The formulas are also free of silicones and animal derived ingredients.
● These are great for last minute color changes and can easily be part of a weekly routine!
● The initial launch of the Color Fresh Masks will be available exclusively direct to consumers beginning October 4th at the Wella Professionals Online Store or from any Wella stylist/salon. Just in time for the holidays and they’re only $24.50!

Application Process with Briana Cisneros:

● The product is really straightforward and easy to use. It’s as easy as shampooing your hair and then using a Color Fresh Mask as your conditioner. Wait 10 minutes, rinse it out and style.
● The conditioning formula includes apricot and avocado kernel oil plus argan oil which makes it super nourishing – especially for curly hair!
● A special trick is that if you apply the color-depositing mask to wet hair, it’ll give you a more pastel look, but if you apply it to dry hair, you’ll get a great punch of pigment.
● The before and after looks with these masks are so drastic, it’s an instant result that leaves your hair feeling better than before.

Winter Hair Color Predictions from Mara Roszak:

● I’m predicting that we’ll be seeing cooler tones this season – but still rich colors!
● Lilacs and mints will probably be popular, we’ve already been seeing them on runways and at events.
● When I think of summer, I think of warmth so I expect people to actually go cooler and a bit lighter now!


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