30 September 2023

Parole Collection: Artistic Energy by Mila Roldán

The Parole Collection is a hymn to hair empathy with an emphasis on make-up. Through it, we can also embark on a journey of re-creation through different states of mind. Groundbreaking and avant-garde looks in bright tones to attract the attention of those who observe.

Parole Collection

Transmit without speaking. There are many ways to impact the recipient of a work, also without using any sound. The Parole Collection proves that art puts imagination within reach of our senses. It can transport us to other worlds where the artist stirs our feelings to inspire as well as to motivate us.

Fusion is the union of two elements or things. This collection is precisely that. Take different elements that could be opposed and join them together to form an idea.

Hair: Mila Roldán @mila.roldan_hair.artist, Make-up: Raquel Perez, Photos: Isabel Martínez Valcárcel, Communication: Óscar Martínez @oscarmr76


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