23 April 2024

Success at OnBeauty by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

Business opportunities and market news; but above all a great desire to return to discover in complete safety, all that’s been going on in our industry. From 9 to 13 September, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna opened the doors of OnBeauty; the first in-person event since the COVID-19 emergency. 

The number of visitors at OnBeauty by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna showed the desire to restart. The turnout of operators already in the first two days; supply chain and perfumery for the retail channel “met the expectations of our exhibitors; the concomitance with the Sana and Cosmofarma events facilitated new relationships with pharmaceutical and biological.” This was according to Enrico Zannini, General Manager of BolognaFiere Cosmoprof. “This first Cosmoprof event in-person has also allowed us to resume the traditional ways of meeting and doing business. These are highlighted in the resourcefulness and resilience of our industry. There were a good international visitor numbers – from more than 40 countries. For March we are already full. We are receiving many requests, also the result of what is happening here. We will do our best to accommodate everyone”.

Hair is a Major Protagonist at OnBeauty

But the world of hairdressing was of course also the protagonist at OnBeauty. There were two days of shows that saw internationally renowned hairstylists from all over Italy on stage. The first team to perform on the One Shot by On Hair stage on Sunday was Hair Company Professional. Unique, versatile and also impactful, the Duality show wanted to give a message of hope. The look & learn, divided into two squares, inspired the cut, colour and look for the next season. The magic of the night, deep and seductive, was explored in the first painting of the Night Magic Style. This had cool colours and defined, elegant cuts. The inimitable sheen of gold was instead the protagonist of the second painting, J’Adore, with warm and enveloping colours. For the woman who wants to shine again, to be herself.

Paolo Dolcetti, company technician brand Ambassador Hipertin Italia, presented the brand’s Form-Action proposals. On stage, the brand ambassadors showed how in every woman there is a strength, an inner energy. This only needs to be recognised and expressed. Among the tools presented, the Soul in the circle, which helps the professional during the consultation, depending on the shape of the client’s face and colours. And among the techniques, Dual, which manages to completely transform the customer’s look in a single gesture.

Alfaparf Milano Takes to the Stage

Cool, warm, auburn, sandblasted, pastel and, for the first time, translucent blondes. In short, blonde in all is guises was the protagonist of the Show. This was brought to the catwalk by Alfaparf Milano through three hairstylists, combining technique, professionalism and energy. For Lorenzo Marchelle, Artistic Director, Gianni Rando, Top Creative Colourist & Stylist, and Luigi Martini, Master Creative Colourist & Stylist of Alfaparf Milano, proposals that give every woman the right blonde without compromise and without limits. Every woman is as unique and different as the blonde she wears. Only careful advice and a high quality product can guarantee an impeccable result.

Sunday at OnBeauty Closes with Hair and Fashion

Closing Sunday on the stage of One Shot by On Hair were Xenon Group and Fmixhairdressing. “Panta Rei (Tutto Scorre)” the theme of a show that featured hairstyle and fashion. This was a continuous journey between present and past, with the aim of best describing the future. Because nothing ever really goes out of fashion: everything returns cyclically. So, on a catwalk both masculine and feminine, the sparkling Eighties, for cuts, colours and hairstyles. In that period of carefree and economic boom, people blossomed; they were able to express themselves to the fullest.

The calendar of shows is also very tight for Monday 13 September. Opening the lineup, the stylistic groups Gea Group and Pr Group, for a clearly Anglo-Saxon look & learn. This was able to make the most of the values of perfect geometric shapes, the result of 25 years of study and research by the team. Many proposals for cut, colour and collections, presented on stage by Mario Buongiardino, artistic director of Gea Hair.

Following on, it was the turn of the Team Leaders. They offered the public of OnBeauty by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna continuous work ideas with innovative cutting and finishing techniques with plates and irons, also explaining the most salient points step by step. All enriched by the new E-Form colouring techniques, capable of opening a world of new colour possibilities. Objective: maximum attention to detail to be able to stand out and make a difference. On stage: Sauro Spadoni (E-Form technical director); Claudia Laveso (E form artistic director), Flora Domante (E-form Project Manager); Andrea Peluzzi (Artistic Director Team Leader).

Dedicated to Colour as well as to Style

“Experiential” colour for Euphoria, the on stage performance by Mirela Zen, winner of the Davines Mondo World Style Contest, and also Davines colour ambassador, introduced on stage by Enrica Piletti, Davines Education Manager. A show entirely dedicated to colour, intended as an emotional fuse, a spark of the imagination capable of igniting different ways of being oneself, therefore dedicated to all those who desire change. Thus on stage fashion ideas and innovative techniques alternate, expressed with great elegance and simplicity, transformed – more than in a didactic moment – into emotional and multi-sensory experiences to be enchanted by.

The tagliatiXilsuccesso Team – Gianni Sasso, Riccardo Arpini, Chiara Andreini – has reinterpreted iconic cuts from the 70s and 80s with new technical details capable of making them more contemporary. In particular, they presented two innovative techniques of sure success: “The Gost Fringe” to facilitate women unable to safely opt for a look with fringe or tuft, and the “Cut-no-cut”, dedicated to women who do not want to give up. to long hair but love to change. With this technique – explains Gianni Sasso – the client, according to her needs, can tie her hair and reveal a short trendy cut below, or she can go back to having them long, untying them when she wishes “.

A grand finale with all the energy of Mimmo LaSerra and his team, who dragged the audience into New York haute couture signed by Studio 54, the temple of international glamor that saw all the elite of the characters that count in terms of trends pass by. On stage, with Mimmo LaSerra, Nicolò Antonelli (technical manager), Davide Maisano (colourist and make-up artist) and a whole palette of bold colours, sequins, disco dance, pure fun and history … The idea? Presenting cuts, colours but above all shapes and sculptures on the hair to tell colleagues how fundamental the role of the hairstylist is in going beyond the everyday to enter the world of image creation.


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