30 May 2023

Tik Tok Hair Trends: What Clients Should Try

Celebrity Hairdresser Jay Birmingham talks us through the maze of 5 possible Tik Tok Hair Trends:

The Side Parting

This is perfect for those looking to create a little more body and volume around their face. You can also play around with this and experiment with a deep side parting to create a quiff shape and give the hair that Hollywood glam shape. This is also perfect if your client is unhappy with their hairline as it helps to disguise it a little.

The Middle Parting

Also formerly known by millennials as ‘curtains’! This is definitely on trend at the moment with lots of my celebrity clients choosing also this style. It’s super versatile and works with short as well as long hair. Transitioning from a side parting to the middle may take some getting used to. For your client it might well be worth it.

The Dressing Gown Curls

The gorgeous Dani Dyer also helped this trend go viral. It’s an also option for clients who are short of time to style their hair between salon visits. Using the tie from their dressing gown to wrap curls around overnight to wake up to glamorous curls in the morning. This works for some hair types but it’s definitely not fail safe in my opinion. If your client is looking to save their hair from heated styling tools you can also suggest french plaits to give a super modern wave overnight.

The Tik Tok Ponytail

Giving a ponytail volume and length is always what we want. Tik Tok showed us videos on how to tie half the hair up where you want the high ponytail to appear to be coming from. Then tie the other half underneath around halfway up the back of the head. The two blend together and create a voluminous pony. This is another option you can suggest to your clients styling their hair at home when they can’t make it to the salon. This hack works fine as long as they aren’t spending the day outdoors as the wind can separate your pony tails and reveal the secret.

The Faux Fringe Up Do

This one definitely divides us! I have created styles using this kind of hack on celebrity clients, however it can be challenging to get it just right and therefore a little frustrating. Instead try accessorising your favourite up do with a jewelled hair clip.


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