22 June 2024

Color Space Educators Lupe Voss and Luis Gonzalez

Color Space™ was born out of the desire to create scientifically-backed hair color products that help salons thrive. And Color Space Educators Lupe Voss and Luis Gonzalez will teach you how.

Color Space focuses on innovative hair color. Founders and salon owners Lupe Voss and Ray Civello also recognize the value of education, especially in light of such revolutionary products.

As a gifted and passionate educator, Lupe Voss could not but coordinate education for her own Color Space™ brand. She has a reputation for helping countless colorists around the globe to flourish in their career. Her educational philosophy teaches creative placement, technique and the art of formulation for unique and flawless, customized color. Lupe also brings her technical acumen and “real-life” experience to her classroom style. She has a passion for learning and a heartfelt desire to make learning fun.

Color Space Educator, Luis Gonzales is also the creative director and co-owner of VIDA Salons in Denver, CO. His passion for creating editorial images secured him a nomination for Hair Colorist of the Year at The North American Hairstyling Awards in 2018. Moreover, his work has been published globally in salon and fashion industry magazines. As an educator at CS Ed., Luis empowers colorists to go beyond their limitations by focusing on all aspects of hair color. Luis’s ability to encourage and motivate stylists comes from his experience behind the chair and his relatable teaching style.

The other founding members of the CS Ed. TEAM are equally exciting and qualified. But as a starting point, Estetica posed a few “to-the-point” questions to these stellar Color Space Educators.

Why Color Space

We have reinvented hair color from the ground up. This is truly like nothing the industry has seen or experienced before. And now it will be up to Color Space Educators to spread the news!

What will be the new frontier in color?

Consumers and Colorists are looking for safe environmentally conscious brands that are uniquely created to reimagine and enhance their salon experience. As a result, colorists will need to find revolutionary color lines that are changing the way they experience color, from the tube to the bowl to application. Today, Color Space is on the forefront of this evolution with the first ever fully calibrated hair color line calibrated on a true color scale (Munsell). These products were created by scientists who understand color and light, and backed by industry-leading education.

As Color Space Educators, what are your plans for making future contributions to the brand, the industry, and leaving your mark

Our focus is continuous product innovation and evolving our education to excite. This will then empower and inspire the industry. We’re creating a legacy that connects the dots between science, light, and color to develop a superior product line. We want every hairdresser to experience the disruption known as Color Space.


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