25 April 2024

Try these 5 different ways to wear a ponytail this summer

One of the simplest hair looks becomes a must for this summer, thanks to a few contemporary styling hacks. Here are 5 different ways to wear a ponytail guaranteed to keep you happy.

Here are 5 different ways to wear a ponytail that reflect simple styling that are sure to be a success. A practical solution that, depending on the outfit it will be matched with, can become sporty, elegant, chic, or romantic. Flaunted on red carpets by celebrities, the ponytail has always been enormously versatile. So here are 5 ponytail options this summer that stand out for a particular touch of styling.r

1– Ponytail with braids

Combining two styles in this case is a winning strategy. Mix with the locks of the ponytail with some different thicknesses of braids makes everything more dynamic, original and attractive. To highlight the texture you might decide to add a decorative accessory, like beads or rings, like in the proposals by hairstylist Viola Pyak, who is specialized in ponytails and braids.

2 – Ponytail and braid

Another example where the braid and ponytail enhance each other. Here the ponytail is not left free, but is separated into two, three, or even four braids, to make the final effect more or less thick. The common denominator is super-manageable hair to transform this styling in an extremely graphic look.

3 – Texturized ponytail

What transforms a normal ponytail into a style with a contemporary twist? Texture! If the styling remains classic – with the base at a half-way height – the finish certainly aims for texturized hair and locks that are slightly tousled for an informal yet chic look.

4 – Very high ponytail

This is the version preferred by celebrities, as demonstrated by Chiara Ferragni and Ariana Grande. Actually, moving the base of the half-way ponytail to the top of the head makes the styling more glam, with a cascade of hair framing the face. Chiara especially prefers this look to focus on the texturized lengths and a minimal base. On the contrary, Ariana opts for an important base, to the point that it becomes the element that grabs attention, and flat-ironed smoothness on the lengths.

5 – Ponytail with “bubbles”

From among the 5 ways to wear the ponytail, this is the most complex to create. It absolutely requires styling techniques, but is also more eye-catching. The lengths in this case form several small bubbles held in place by elastics to transform the ponytail into totally original look. Finally, you must have lots of hair and take care to finish them perfectly smooth and manageable.


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