2 June 2023

Summertime hair inspiration: the cord knot bun is quick and easy

The cord knot bun is a great solution for summer fashion and an eye-catching hair look that is super easy to DIY.

While on vacation, we are always looking for quick and practical solutions for our hair. This way we get more time for R&R. The fact is we tend to participate in more outdoor activities. And swimming and trekking under the sun and in the wind call for updos, ponytails, braids, or even only accessories to keep our hair in order. One solution we can suggest is the cord knot bun.

The cord knot bun can be a great solution for the summer because it combines practicality, speed, and the wow! factor. The cord knot bun is an updo that starts with a low ponytail. Then the end is brought up and fixed with an elastic to create a faux chignon. The elastic is then hidden by twisting the end part of the ponytail and fixing it into place with one or more hairpins or bobby pins. Even a colorful scrunchie will do the trick!

The result is a cord knot bun… a small chignon positioned at the nape of the neck. The tousled effect makes it suitable for both informal and somewhat casual evening looks. Best of all, no particular skills are necessary! But the hair should be long enough to be able to take all the steps. Another quick tip is that a salt texturizing spray might be useful, but not necessary. This type of product can give the hair some “grip” and facilitate the process.

The cord knot bun becomes a bit more complex instead if you want a perfectly smooth or wet effect. In this case, use a styling product and ask a hairstylist for help.

Another related alternative might be this sleeker summer chignon!


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