13 June 2024

The Andis® GTX-EXO Trimmer: optimal visibility and performance

The new Andis® GTX-EXO Trimmer™ improves line of sight and detailing performance for salon and barbering professionals

It may be the sleek and unique design of the new Andis® GTX-EXO Trimmer™ that immediately catches the eye. However, its the optimal visibility and performance when working on intricate styles that convince salon professionals. After all, this little wonder is guaranteed to offer crystal-clear sight lines while perfecting any fade or trim.

In addition to this optimal visibility and performance, the Andis® GTX-EXO Trimmer™ packs a new GTX-Z Blade for improved results. The deep tooth blade has a pre-setting with an aggressive gap. This eliminates the need for zero-gapping, a practice often popular among barbers, that delivers ultra-close results. Plus, the new blade flaunts a rich and eye-catching custom gold corrosion-resistant finish.

Moreover, the extremely powerful, high-speed rotary motor of the Andis® GTX-EXO Trimmer™ delivers 7,200 strokes per minute. Thanks to advanced Constant Speed Technology, blade performance is top-notch through all hair types. Then, the long-life lithium battery packs industry leading power, enabling users on average 100 minutes of run-time with every charge. This is another great advantage for high-traffic salons.

The GTX-EXO is the perfect solution for pros looking for an unobstructed view of their cuts, all while providing the flexibility everyone already loves from their cordless Andis® tools,” said Angie Perino, Andis Education Manager. “No matter if you are cutting a simple fade or an intricate design, the GTX-EXO will deliver the performance you need to bring your vision to life.

For nearly 100 years, Andis® Company has been a leader and innovator in the men’s grooming industry with its innovative technology and top-tier educational offerings. To learn how to maximize your Andis® tools and access free online educational resources at master-barberschool.com. Andis® Company makes it possible for everyone, from expert barbers to beginning at-home users, to learn new tips and techniques.


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